Screwed Up Saturdays Vol 2

I'm having a pretty slow Saturday over here. It's one of those afternoons where nothing seems to move at the pace it should. Mike G just dropped volume 2 of his Screwed Up Saturdays series earlier today, featuring chopped and screwed remixes of various OFWGKTA tracks, as well as grooves from Alicia Keys, Outkast, The Weeknd and Crystal Castles amongst others. This is some serious chop & screw wizardry for a Saturday that wasn't going anywhere, anyway, but still needed some soul. Get based to this.

MP3 ::
Outkast - Spread (Chopped & Screwed by Mike G)
The Weeknd - What You Need (Chopped & Screwed by Mike G)
Download Screwed Up Saturdays Vol 2 entirely for free here.

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