Gaurav from C V L T S recently hit us up about his new label Beer On The Rug, and their first drop, a luscious cassette offering from Casino Gardens. Holding true to everything you love about that ripped from the mid-80s feel, Casino Gardens offers some jazzed up groovers as well as a few toned down slow jams to soundtrack the whole night of ups and downs. Peep the Young Vacationers Guide to Casino Gardens after the jump.

MP3 :: Casino Gardens - Kihyui
Grab the Casino Gardens c24 now via Beer On The Rug.

A Young Vacationer’s Guide to Casino Gardens
If you wanna survive your first night you gotta know some ground rules, dude:

1 Pick a gang
- We got a lot of em here and they dont much like chumps who try to stay neutral

2 Know your turf
- You’ll be eating skateboard for breakfast before you can say “sayonara” if you walk down to valet parking without your Easy Sliders jacket

3 Stay on the prowl
- Gotta have eyes in the back of your dome to get by in the gardens — and if you catch yourself a rival gang member on the prowl you can cash that twerp in for some serious chips

4 Don’t kill a gangbanger on sunday
- Sunday is sacred. That’s when we have battle of the bands. you put down your baseball bat and you pick up a guitar. we win battle of the bands, we get the girls, comprende?

5 Get used to the gardens, dweeb
- You mighta booked a two week trip but youre here till your ticket stops tickin’


  1. I love the weird universe behind Casino Gardens (the Young Vacationer's Guide and then the "transmission" on the bandcamp). I hope to see more of it.

  2. Yeah, it's fun when there is a story that immersive to go with the music. It'll be neat to see that story develop.