Mixtape Premiere :: Kemistry Mix

Earlier this week the long-awaited new Konnichiwa LP, Visions, came to my doorstep. As soon as it arrived I through it on deck to let it spin and started grooving. Then my mom started talking about how good it was and reading the lyrics and that was that. Konnichiwa is so awesome that my mom likes them. With a dance sound that seems to blend elements of Lisa Frank with a retro-futuristic point of view it's hard not to love this duo. Yesterday they got in touch with us on this killer mix that was just recently finished up. The title, Kemistry Mix, is a tribute to the late Kemistry and even includes an opening track from her d&b protege, Goldie, titled for her. Things even get going with Beyoncé and Rihanna at points for those in need of diva action. Peep the full tracklist after the jump, then turn out the lights, turn on the strobes and let's party in your room today.

MP3 :: Konnichiwa - Kemistry Mix

Grab Visions now via the rad folks at Rainbow Body.

01 Goldie - Kemistry
02 Beyonce - Halo
03 Virgo - Do You Know Who We Are
04 Severed Heads - All Saints Day
05 Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice
06 Safire - Don't Break My Heart
07 Rihanna - What's My Name
08 Mantronix - In Full Effect
09 Thomas Leer - International
10 Kingdom - You
11 Yukihiro Takahashi - Are You Receiving Me?
12 4 hero - universal love

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