Retrosexual Moments :: Song of Zarathustra

What is it about a church organ that makes everything sound three to seventeen times more epic? Oh, right, probably the fact that it's a church organ. Having said that, I hope you guys appreciate Song of Zarathustra as much as I do. I was hesitant to mention these guys, mostly because they broke up in 2003, and I thought "Well that doesn't seem long ago at all." Then I realized it's been eight years. Why do older people have to be right when they say that time passes faster the older you get?

All of that aside, SoZ is brilliant, not only for adding such an unconventional instrument to the genre, but for taking it in a direction I never would have expected. When I hear "heavy music" and "organ" used in the same sentence, I expect to hear drone metal, or an organ intro, interrupted by wailing metal guitar. Instead I got this, a fast album that kicked my ass
and did so with a certain finesse.

(Sidenote: I don't normally post album intros, but with the way "Intro" flows into "Mess of Zero," I recommend listening to them together.)

Song of Zarathustra - Intro
Song of Zarathustra - Mess of Zero
Song of Zarathustra - The Great Longing

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  1. I saw these guys play at least three times during their lifetime...always a great show. glad to see them get some afterlife.