Song To Cheer You Up (Maria Minerva Holler Remix)

Since returning home from tour I've been tearing apart the internet to regain that month of music I lost. Through this process I've fallen deeply in love with songstress Maria Minerva. I mean, I've never met the girl, but damn can she make some groovy dance tunes. Gorilla vs Bear just turned me on to this remix? It's essentially Minerva pouring beautiful vocals (via Spice Girls delight "Holler") over Keep Shelly In Athens' "Song To Cheer You Up" after it has been smoked through the vaporizer and shipped to another planet. More than anything, it's certainly a track that holds to it's title. If you want more Maria Minerva, check out this interview over at 100% Silk.

MP3 :: Keep Shelly In Athens - Song To Cheer You Up (Maria Minerva Holler Remix)
This remix comes from a set of KSIA remixes that are free, so head over to Transparent to grab that now.

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