Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)

Earlier today DIS Magazine premiered my new favorite track so far this year. How To Dress Well and d'Eon have both been favorites of mine for a long while, so to see them in any collaborative effort is like a dream come true. By the end of d'Eon's "Transparency" things get a very apocalyptic, tribal vibe before seeming to fade out in a bad transmission. In the rework HTDW seems to heavily embellish all tribal elements, giving it what he describes as a "sad National Geographic vibe" and what I describe as "those pan flutes omfg!" There's even a false ending that is as thrilling as those should be. It's an absolutely stunning rework and I wouldn't mind seeing these two work together more in the future.

MP3 :: d'Eon - Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)

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