Cambodian Field Recordings

Though the original release of Stephen Molyneux's Cambodian Field Recordings done with No Kings Record Cadre sold out of its 40 cassette edition a long time ago, I recently spied the free download the label graciously maintains for purposes of general enrichment. The a and b-sides seem to represent two separate recordings of distinctly different types of music, but the self-consciously lo-fi quality of the recordings and the native player's otherworldly instrumentation make the entire cassette a relatively surreal experience. The a-side initially sounds to me like layered tracks of totally different pieces of music, while the b-side's mostly instrumental meanderings and distinctly Chinese sounding strings seem to condense all of the historical influences united in Cambodian music. It's a beautiful and unique release from one of my favorite cassette labels.

Download the entire album for free at the No Kings bandcamp. I should also mention that they've recently done a release with Andre Brandal, as it's a good deal more current and at least as fantastic. Listen to both and you'll probably be able to pick up some patterns coming from No Kings.

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