Cloud Skatin

Rap duo Main Attrakionz, comprised of Squadda B and Mondre M.A.N. have been gaining some heavy attention lately, and it's beyond deserved. Their lyrics reminisce on better times, the things that have destroyed those times, and the drugs that get us through those hard times. It's not often that you hear rappers talking about drugs in a way that makes them sound fun as fuck, while still providing the harsher ends of reality that led them there. Now let's talk about these beats for a minute. Main Attrakionz work with various producers and clearly have an ear for bangers. Three tracks from their recent EP, Blackberry Ku$h, feature production from Fol Chen's Julian Wass; on one end providing laid back toms with droning synths, on the other feeding us sparkling leads with monster kicks and snaps. The duo's own Squadda B produces a lot of their tracks, constantly building tracks on huge swells with vocal snippets that are just too perfect. Main Attrakionz are clearly on some next level shit.

Grab Blackberry Ku$h in full from the Green Ova bandcamp. Also make sure to grab Two Man Horror Film, a killer mixtape aimed at introducing you fully to Main Atrakionz via Dream Collabo and Space Age Hustle.

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