Five years ago Miami's Spaceghostpurrp nearly died while cleaning his Air Jordan's, smoking the finest weed in the world and listening to his music collection backward. After consulting the mystics he returned to our world a changed man. Purrp's beats are syrup infused astral journeys stuck in a 1990s time loop. From Godzilla to Mortal Kombat to 3D Pinball to those annoying Smiley Central pop-ups with the mouse-over phrases, his drops feature 90s pop culture references that create a cohesive vibe on his tracks matched by few producers. Even his verses are reminiscent of the gangsta rap prevalent of the time period. He also sounds a bit like Eazy-E, a voice long missed in the rap game. Beyond those things, the influence of Triple 6 Mafia, DJ Screw and all things dark and obscured keep me hooked on Purrp's music. Sometimes you hear something and you just get so excited that you wanna listen over and over and you know even years from now you'll be telling friends about. For me, Spaceghostpurrp just became that thing.

MP3 ::
Spaceghostpurrp - GXT YVH HXVD BVZT
Lil Ugly Mane - MY HXXD
Spaceghostpurrp - Gohan Vegeta Freestyle
Blackland Radio 66.6 just dropped recently on Dat Pif, and make sure to also check out the NASA Mixtape as well as Lost Tapes 91-93 and Lost Tapes 94-96. Then google Purrped and Chopped if you just absolutely need more (I did.)

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