Killa Code

Last night Zak Mering sent over the Murder Dog Mixtape, the first release from Mering's new rap project, Mak Zering (not Mac Ziering). As if Raw Thrills and Greatest Hits weren't proving enough just how amazingly talented this dude is. Most of the tape is produced by Zering, and the production is awesome. The tape starts out with a Bushwick party anthem and moves through a whirlwind of monstrous beats. There's even a track that goes hard on some Ying Yang Twins vibes circa "Wait". Oh, and of course the cover of "Pretty Boy Swag", which you can see some hilarious footage for above.

MP3 ::
Mak Zering - Killa Code
Mak Zering - X-Ray Swag
Grab the whole Murder Dog Mixtape for free over at Gunk TV.

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