Lust For Life

Last night Maria Minerva uploaded this moody dance track to her soundcloud with a dedication to one of the first supermodels, the late Gia Carangi. Carangi died of HIV at the young age of 26 after a tumultuous battle with heroin addiction, due in large part to the deaths of various close friends throughout her young life. Knowing all of that makes the fact that it is Carangi, herself, speaking in the sampled clip that gives the song its title, all the more sad. Minerva's entrancing voice sings delicately over the war drums of a nearby Tusken encampment while the spirit of Carangi repeats over and over her new appreciation for life, leaving you with feelings of wonder and doubt all at once.

MP3 :: Maria Minerva - Lust For Life (She Was So)

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