Mixtape: Jensen Sportag - The Wet Mix

I think there's significance in the way that people label their music, whether they made it, released it, or bought it. Among the dozens of submissions we get daily, some have been called things more than just iTunes' ubiquitous "Alternative & Punk," from GOBBLE GOBBLE's "Terror" to Kites Sail High's "Ambient Dub," I've seen a lot of more or less descriptive things pop up under the genre tab. Either Jensen Sportag himself or someone at his label, Cascine, thought "Transient Soul" was a good designation for The Wet Mix, a new accompaniment to his digital EP Pure Wet. Whoever thought of it, the expression is a perfect description of the mix - meandering across a glam-soaked palette of disco pop, occasionally punctuated by the ghosts of samples.

Streaming :: Jensen Sportag - The Wet Mix

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