Pelle Morbida

Wonder Beard recently announced the first physical release from Gutter Parties, the solo project of a fellow who answers simply to Saul. According to Wonder Beard, the album is full of sounds such as "djembe drum, a 60 year-old banjo, a quarter nylon guitar, a poor quality ukulele, a harmonica, meditation balls, a tambourine, bells and the voice of a guy who can’t sing but wants to tell you something." From the first track it's an incredibly endearing release. Something about even the quirkiest samples on this one feels heartfelt. It's a warm quality that feels unforced, and even refreshing.

Gutter Parties - Pelle Morbida
Gutter Parties - Placid
Gutter Parties drops on cassette June 20 in a limited run of 50 via Wonder Beard, but you can hop on that pre-order now.

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