Retrosexual Moments: Unionsuit

Unionsuit braved a walloping two years together from '96 to '98, and went relatively unnoticed. I simply can't abide by that. I find it somewhat strange that they've remained so cloaked in obscurity, since they had members that went onto to join some big names. Michael Poorman, the drummer went on to play in Age of Reason and Hot Rod Circuit. Their guitarist, Aaron Turner joined up with Isis, Lotus Eaters, and Old Man Gloom. Matt Firestone, vocalist, joined Yarnspinner, Fireman, and he worked with Earth Crisis on the road. Hell, Jacob Bannon of Converge even did some guest vocals for these guys. Unionsuit may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I always related to them in a strange way. I think this mostly stems from Matt and his hopeless but furious voice. They make me feel like I've been locked in a dark room for days, broken glass all over the floor. Unionsuit is the resentful scream you make as you realize you're never getting out.

MP3 ::
Unionsuit - And Jesus Wept
Unionsuit - Thirteen Days

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