Sample Based Life, Volume Two

Jusdson of Sumsun just let us know that he's curated the sound "vaults" for the second edition of Sample Based Life, a project that has a musician prepare a selection of sounds with which other musicians are encouraged to construct their own songs. The first edition was curated by Off Balance Atlas and yielded a cassette and over thirty accepted contributions, from total unknowns and big names alike. In their own words:
"Sample Based Life Is a project where a single curator provides a bank of sounds for a group of artists to reinterpret into new songs. There are no limitations, just free expression..."
Check out the official rules on the project's soundcloud and listen to Volume 1 at the Sample Based Life bandcamp. Entries are due July 31st. In the meantime, here are Judson's sound vaults for your perusal.

Sample Base Life, Volume 2 - Vault 1

Sample Base Life, Volume 2 - Vault 2

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