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Last Summer Andy Todryk, aka Vacation Dad, hit me up and asked if him and some homies he was touring with could crash on my floor one night. They were driving from NY to FL or some shit; it was a long ass drive and they just needed to pause and get some rest. I never turn down FMLY so it was obviously not a problem. The guys were there maybe 5 hours, and awake for about 30 minutes of that time, but in that 30 minutes time I knew I wanted them back. Andy is a great guy making amazing music, and trying to make a positive difference in the global community. A few weeks ago Todryk's van got robbed while on tour and all of his equipment was stolen. Homeboy messaged me the night of and was crushed. Now, in an attempt to just move on, get back on his feet, and finally put out the first Vacation Dad 12", Todryk has launched a pretty sweet kickstarter project. MJ MJ Records, the label started by Andy and pal Charlie Collier, has organized a 31 song mixtape with tracks from various artists including Galapagos, Emily Reo, Truman Peyote, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel Levy, Ra Cailum, Mutual Benefit, Michael Parallax, School Knights, Blackhawks, Weekends and Cloud Nothings amongst a whole lot more. Depending on how much you pledge to the project you can get: the comp digitally or on cassette, a pre-order of the 12", the entire MJ MJ catalog, a hand-screened MJ MJ t-shirt and more. There is a whole lot for everyone to gain from this project, but more than anything, it'll be great to know such a rad guy is still able to keep making music for us. In the meantime, check out this new Vacation Dad track, premiered earlier today by NFOP. I'm assured that this lovely little number will be included on the 12".

MP3 :: Vacation Dad - I'll Always Find You
Head over to the kickstarter now to make sure we keep hearing jams like this from Vacation Dad and the entire MJ MJ family.

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