I'm not afraid to admit that I initially only listened to Walter Meego because of the name. It's a good name and I've come to trust it, with my fiancé Liz and I embracing the band as a staple in our new wave futurist T-Rex-ish glam collection (which can never be too big). Their second album, Wondervalley, is the one I know best, though the band's label dumped them before moving a muscle to support it, even after thousands of dollars went into recording it (in, you guessed it, Wondervalley, just outside of Twentynine Palms, CA). Evidently, they didn't hear a hit. Magical words, right? Fortunately, the band survived a peppering of management issues and international travel expenses, and despite a near break-up are planning to begin playing dedicatedly again this summer.

You can grab all of Wondervalley over at the iTunes.


  1. Dude - this album is insanely good. Absolutely inspired.

  2. Damn straight, man. I can understand a label being wary of things that aren't broadly marketable, but I don't see how anyone in their right mind would think Wondervalley wasn't. Such catchy shit.