Worried Ways

There's not a whole lot more gratifying than receiving new stuff in the mail, under all circumstances, but when it's a demo or a review copy of something, it's even more special - at least to someone else. Still, it's a bit mystifying when they arrive with silica gel glue keeping a marked up notice (like the one above) affixed to a cassette (also much like the one above), all of it fit snuggly into a sleeve made of heavy brown paper covered with a childish scrawl and the barely legible signature "Lew." Though barely clear from the packaging, it turns out that this is Give It To U, the second cassette from Lew, following Creadle to Greave (available here), which comes in its own similarly eccentric packaging. The music is some of the more explicitly outsider stuff I've heard recently, sometimes dark and sometimes joyous, though its Austin origins lend the whole thing a silent urban dimension that begs for comment.

Download all of Give It To U for free over at Lew's website. While you're there, make sure you check out his respectable collection of pictures of found objects and bizarre ephemera.

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