The Un-Doctor

Fresh from Field Hymns of Portland, Oxykitten's second full length is a persistent testament to grimey hip-hop, built out of a drum machine that slowly carries you across a burned out landscape of lazy synths, finally giving you over to whirring disco madness.

Download Oxykitten's The Streets Were Paved With Circuit Boards for free and preorder the limited edition cassette here.


GOTC Presents

It's So Not Like That

Last year, Antn Hrkwk's sophomore album Thoroughbred, on Life's Blood, was one of my absolute favorites, and certainly one of 2010's most undersung. Since then, he's remained fairly well ensconced underground. Having said that, as much as Thoroughbred was undersung, I think I'd be hard pressed to find any comment on his stellar debut, Mutually Assured, released as a limited edition CDR and free digital download on Recycling Records. I'm retroactively declaring it one of my favorite records of 2008.

MP3 ::
Download the entire album at Recycling Records.


Video :: Vitamins - No Notion of Anything Only Whatever is What


Tobias is the IDM moniker of Parisian producer Cédric Mateus, aka, Action!. Christened Circumstances, his debut for the name arrives via DryCry Records, with five tracks of some of the most highly refined club music I've heard this summer.

Circumstances is the sophomore release from London based digital imprint DryCry Records - you can grab it here.


Night is Young

The FADER recently debuted this track, "Night is Young", from Southern Shores, lending a few words to describe the "nautical" vibe struck through the track, though I would have said tropical and really it pervades their entire upcoming Atlantic EP in a serious way. However, if nautical is the right word, than imagine a yacht pulling into a gently pixelated port and unloading a few European sports cars for some impromptu Cruis'n World on someone's N64. Whatever the case, even having already adjusted my summer soundtrack to account for the inconsistent climate in West Virginia, this song will have a place of prominence on it.

The Atlantic EP will be released (like a delicate, soaring something) by Cascine on July 12.


Video :: SPORTS - Mind Has Changed

You can still check out SPORTS' debut LP over yonder.


Bahtel Oot

End Fence is a Brooklyn based digital imprint with some unassailable free releases to their name, among them kuxxan SUUM's elegantly weird Language/Barrier EP. Five remixes and five originals deftly blend a variety of effects and beats into witty psychedelic techno, peppered with more intellectually credible sounding vocal samples than you can shake a stick at.

MP3 ::
Download the complete Language/Barrier EP here, along with End Fence's other releases from Doctor Jeep and de Qualia.

Video :: Holstenwall - Telomeres


Video: Dom - Living In America

Video: How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream 3

On the rare occasion that I have to defend my love for How To Dress Well, I always explain that it is the power of Tom's voice, the story it weaves, and how that story is reflected in the broken, disjointed music he creates. There is, however, no doubt that a voice so beautiful deserves its proper showcase. HTDW has teamed with Yours Truly's Love Letters Ink label to release a limited 10" EP titled Just Once, featuring four tracks backed by an orchestral arrangement. The EP is in dedication to his best friend, whom he lost late last year. How To Dress Well has on multiple occasion sent chills through my spine, and even brought tears to my eyes. I think there are few people out there capable of emoting in the way he does, and hearing his voice mingle flawlessly with the orchestra is a truly wondrous look at how the fragile sound and feeling surrounding the tracks remains, no matter how full the music.

Head over to bandcamp to pre-order a copy of the 12". It's limited to 1000 copies, and a dollar of every physical purchase goes to MindFreedom.org to help with the ongoing fight against mental illnesses.

Video :: Honeydrum - Pleasures of the Sun


Put The Speed On

Green Ova is keeping up the steady stream of music, this time with a full mixtape from Shady Blaze that clocks in at barely under an hour. I've sung the praises of Shady before and this mixtape seeks only to validate my claims that this is Shady's Summer. You seldom hear a rapper that can go this fast and still mix up the flow throughout. The mixtape's title, Rappers Ain't $#!% Without A Producer, dictates that we also shine a light on the incredible production. The tape features Green Ova's whole crew of producers, with nonstop bangers from Shady himself, Beautiful Lou, Ryan Hemsworth, Squadda B, Julian Wass, LWH and even Clams Casino. If you needed just little more of a nudge for Green Ova to win you over, this is it.

Shady Blaze - Put The Speed On (Prod by Ryan Hemsworth)
Shady Blaze - Haters Opinion (Prod by Clams Casino)
You can pick up Rappers Ain't $#!% Without A Producer for free over at Bandcamp.

Put It On

I just had this Summer trunk rattler dropped in my inbox earlier today. Woodruff, SC rapper J.O. Cool has teamed up with Baton Rouge producer John Wade for the album First Impressions, which drops this Tuesday. The first glimpse starts with the sound of a bong toking, something that actually seldom gets me the right way. It's the jazz horns over the monstrous kicks, however, that battle perfectly with Cool's southern drawl. There's even a little R&B chorus from Joey G that I believe exclaims "We make this shitty to get you right when you put it on." I really have no clue what it means, but he says it with so much swagger that I just have to agree. It certainly gets me right each time I put it on.

EDIT: Haha, so J.O. tweeted at me to let me know the lyric is actually "We made this shit here to get you right when you put it on." That makes a lot more sense, and is obviously more applicable.

MP3: J.O. Cool - Put it On (f. Joey G) [Produced by John Wade]
First Impressions drops this Tuesday (June 21) via bandcamp.


Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot

My love for Foot Village is no secret. My dad has drummed in metal bands my whole life, leaving me with an almost insatiable appetite for destructive percussion. The only reason the word almost gets slipped in there is thanks entirely to Foot Village. For years I've fallen prey to their outrageously catchy vocal/percussion only jams, and I swear everyone gets a little better than the last. Their newest is a 16-minute journey that essentially expands on one lyric, "Get high and listen to records". Foot Village just wants to party, and they wanna do it with all of us, so who are we to deny them?

Stream: Foot Village - Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot

This track comes from the Foot Village side of their upcoming split with Super Khoumeissa on FatCat Records.

GOTC Presents

Sweetest Touch

Early this year we got our first peek at Gross Magic's Teen Jamz EP via a rough, unmastered demo he sent over. Now the EP is all cleaned up and sounds even more amazing than before, as evidenced first by "Sweetest Touch". As the song kicks off to a start, the melodic whining of the guitar circles playfully around high pitched vocals. It all lends to a beautiful pop song practically begging to be touched, using only it's prettiest calls.

MP3: Gross Magic - Sweetest Touch
Teen Jamz EP drops August 8 via The Sound Of Sweet Nothing on purple 7". If you pre-order via the bandcamp you'll get a few bonus mp3s, as well.


Video: Mellowhype - 64

Video :: Jurgen Muller - Sea Bed Meditation

PBUH006: Railcars - Hounds of Love

Late last night the awesome folks from 20 Jazz Funk Greats premiered "Big Sky", the lead single from railcars' cover of Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love, on Altered Zones. We've been incredibly eager to share this release. I remember last year when Aria told me he had the idea to cover such a beautiful record. The moment that Dwight and I started up Crash Symbols, I knew we had to put this one out, and it didn't take much at all to convince Aria of the same (seeing as we're FMLY). Having teamed up with the folks at AMDiscs to help this one see not only a tape release, but also an LP release, well that just makes it that much better.

MP3: railcars - Big Sky
Stroll on over to the Crash Symbols bandcamp if you'd like to snag a copy now.


Premiere: Sad Ghems - Loss (Excerpt)

Our homies at MJ MJ still have a good bit to go before reaching their kickstarter goal, but there's still plenty of time for you to hop on and help out. Now is as good a time as any with their newest cassette drop getting thrown in the mix. Sad Ghems' Deluxe Cowel Hood takes us on a journey through vast, sparse mechanical worlds. Thudding bass kicks keep you moving along through machines screaming their oddest obscenities as you venture toward their capital. Ambiance built on an industrial lean has never sounded so delicious.

MP3: Sad Ghems - Loss (Excerpt)
Make sure to head over to the MJ MJ bandcamp to order a copy of Deluxe Cowel Hood now.


Blissed Out just hit us up with a new track. Drones takes you on journey through the swamps of the rainforest. Teaming with colorful wildlife all ready to reduce you to nothing but bone, there is an obviously frantic vibe to the track. Nothing looks frightening, but everything feel frightening. Meanwhile in the background sits Blissed Out, controlling the entire thing. The only thing certain here is that you'll not likely escape today.

MP3: Blissed Out - Drones


Bitin and Shakin

Our boy LWH has been going hard as fuck on the tracks for his upcoming album, Da Tape Hiss Hooligan Vol. 1. Going beyond just a typical beat tape, LWH is getting the whole Green Ova crew on these tracks. I'm told that half of the album's fourteen tracks are Main Attrakionz joints, with solo cuts from Squadda, Mondre, We$tern Tink, Shady Blaze, and even a feature from Danny Brown. Yesterday he gave us the second leak from the record, featuring Tink, Mondre and Shady all going in. Between this and his feature on "Eightball", I'm calling this one the summer of Shady. Oh, and if you're still looking to get your Main Attrakionz fix after this, head over to Yours Truly and peep this stellar video that shows Mondre and Squadda B giving us a peek at the Bay Area of California; the neighborhood that has played a heavy hand in making them the best duo in rap.

MP3: LWH - Bitin and Shakin ft. We​$​tern Tink, Mondre M​.​A​.​N. & Shady Blaze
Da Tape Hiss Hooligan Vol. 1 is coming at us this July, but make sure to keep it tuned to LWH's bandcamp for more drops.


Konnichiwa has been dazzling me for months with their debut album, Visions. The duo just dropped their second single, this time for the blistering track "Cryosphere". While most singles get the 7" or video treatment, this beauty is getting the video game treatment. As if that's not amazing enough, the game was designed and programmed by Konnichiwa's own D.V. Caputo. I've been given a sneak peek and all I can say is wow.

MP3: Konnichiwa - Cryosphere
Visions is available now via Rainbow Body Records.

Playing House [ft. How to Dress Well]

My love for all things How To Dress Well is about as much of a secret as my love for all things Active Child. When I heard that Pitchfork posted up a stream of this new collab between the two I nearly back flipped because of excitement. The collab comes from Active Child's upcoming record, You Are All I See; due out August 23 via Vagrant Records. Head over to p4k to stream it now.

Video Premiere: Blackbird Blackbird - Euphoria

The rad folks over at Synesthesiae Films just hooked us up with the drop on this beautiful video for Blackbird Blackbird's "Euphoria". The song's title couldn't describe it any better.

Oh, Why

It's not even 4pm on the East Coast yet and already if you haven't heard the new Balam Acab track, I assume you live under a rock. The second the track begins my body shudders with pleasure. There is something tremendously warm and inviting about this dark tinged beauty. As delicate keys play over fragile high-pitched vocals, you're almost lulled into a passive state; until the dance beat kicks in halfway through, that is. Snapping you to attention just long enough to leave you begging for more, taking this one off repeat is proving to be a great challenge. I'm checking out new tracks in between numerous listens.

MP3: Balam Acab - Oh, Why
WANDER/WONDER drops August 29 via Tri Angle.

Sewer Greats, Volume I

Sewage Tapes and AMDiscs recently teamed up to bring us this absolutely incredible mixtape, titled Sewer Greats, Volume I. As the title (and two labels involved) might suggest, this a collection of dirty bangers ripe for whatever fucked up little party your mind can dream up. Featuring lush tracks from Bobbi Dahl, Shisa, Teamm Jordann, I††, Slow Head, Raw Thrills and my favorite AyGeeTee track yet, amongst a huge list of other contributors, this is one you don't wanna let slip through the cracks.

MP3 ::
Teamm Jordann - Stadium
AyGeeTee - 10xOver
Grab Sewer Greats, Volume I in it's entirety via Bandcamp.

Premiere :: Smiling Dog + Body Mod

Inaugurating the new tape and digital imprint from Jake Martin & Co. at Speaker Snacks, we've gotten the chance to unveil a couple tracks from their upcoming split with Pina Chulada and King Mob. The first glimpse of the split has Pina Chulada's "Smiling Dog" offering a track of slow cabaret magic with a sparse ambient backdrop supporting reverb tinged vocals and a meandering synth-horn. "Body Mod" is only slightly less sparsely populated; 8-bit rhythms and synth textures only coming out from behind the vocals during the song's thirty second climax.

MP3 ::
Preorder the limited edition tape from the new Speaker Snacks bandcamp.



I already knew that I loved Cankun (Jheri never stops talking about getting to do artwork for Ethiopian Dreams), but Holy Strays were a pleasant surprise on the latest single from Beko, backing up Cankun's "Coconuts" with two tracks of tremendously catchy tropical lounge craziness.

Download Beko 91 at the best possible place while you gear up for Holy Stray's 7" with Not Not Fun.



Main Attrakionz dropped a stellar new mixtape on us earlier this week. Chandelier is the first of five in a series of mixtapes that tell the story of Green Ova. With "Cloud Skatin" becoming an anthem of sorts for me in the past month, I'm pretty excited that Julian Wass is all over Chandelier, sharing full production duties with L.W.H. on all 9 tracks. Blistering synths and tribal beats with drops that shouldn't make sense feel perfect as Mondre and Squadda B flow flawlessly on each track. On "Eightball" we hear fellow Green Ova homie Shady Blaze go hard as fuck, essentially leaving my jaw on the floor by the end of his verse. Oh and to top it all off, the whole thing was mixed together by GOTC favorite Ryan Hemsworth.

MP3 ::
Main Attrakionz - Eightball f. Shady Blaze
Main Attrakionz - Chandelier
The Chandelier mixtape is available for free download over at the Green Ova Bandcamp.

Video: Holiday Shores - Threepeat Got Old


Last night the ever mysterious RxRy hit me up with a track from his upcoming album DLTRA. There is a certain bounce in "Bleoup" that gives me the feeling of being on a carousel while on shrooms. Midway through the track everything shifts, twists into the most outrageous pattern of pieces. Then, as quickly as its disassembling, everything collides back together. In other RxRy news, it sounds like ALPHA is finally getting the vinyl treatment we've been waiting for. It's no surprise that he's keeping the label secret right now, but I do know it's already being pressed and it shouldn't bee too terribly long before that 12" meets my record player.

MP3 :: RxRy - Bleoup
DLTRA is still a few months from being finished, but you can pop over to RxRy's blog for a peek at "Durawl", another banger slated to appear.

New Obsession (Old Habits)

If there's anything more bizarre than the name Bong Rodent, it's associating the name with this image, the cover of his more conservatively titled II (VII). A fairly short outing at 24 minutes, it's still one of the most inspired albums of grotesque easy listening and sampleloops you can find on short notice... or on any other kind. Some of the most underrated (though not particularly understated) down-tempo beats I've ever heard.

Download II (VII) here.

Video :: Velvet Davenport - Weather


Premiere: In The Water (Clive Tanaka & Tender:Glove Remix)

Beat Connection's "In The Water" is a vibrant track full of tropical pop that results in pure euphoria. It reminds me of my favorite beach parties, full of fun and lacking dramatics. In this groovy remix from Clive Tanaka and Su Orquesta member Tender:Glove, the party is still going, but Tanaka seems to have focused on the romance of the evening. Lush, heart melting synths guide along a steady, pulsing dance step that begs you to slow down and enjoy every movement. Snag the remix below, and peep the original in what has quickly become one of my favorite videos this year.

MP3: Beat Connection - In The Water (Clive Tanaka & Tender:Glove Remix)
Though it doesn't include this remix, definitely make sure to grab the In The Water 7" now via Tender Age.

No Way Back

Thanks to Andy from Disco Delicious and Deathstrobe Records for forwarding their second release with Domeyko/Gonzalez, an incredible eight part ambient song cycle that contrasts beautifully with the blown out, psychedelic drones and raw beats of their self-titled 2010 debut with the Australian label. Bells and guitars drive these lo-fi, emotionally charged tracks across a landscape of further contrast; moving from overwhelming drones to bridges so minimal that your expectations fail and nothing in the world could be more absorbing.

Streaming :: No Way Back (Parts 1-8)
Grab it on the Deathstrobe bandcamp.