Bitin and Shakin

Our boy LWH has been going hard as fuck on the tracks for his upcoming album, Da Tape Hiss Hooligan Vol. 1. Going beyond just a typical beat tape, LWH is getting the whole Green Ova crew on these tracks. I'm told that half of the album's fourteen tracks are Main Attrakionz joints, with solo cuts from Squadda, Mondre, We$tern Tink, Shady Blaze, and even a feature from Danny Brown. Yesterday he gave us the second leak from the record, featuring Tink, Mondre and Shady all going in. Between this and his feature on "Eightball", I'm calling this one the summer of Shady. Oh, and if you're still looking to get your Main Attrakionz fix after this, head over to Yours Truly and peep this stellar video that shows Mondre and Squadda B giving us a peek at the Bay Area of California; the neighborhood that has played a heavy hand in making them the best duo in rap.

MP3: LWH - Bitin and Shakin ft. We​$​tern Tink, Mondre M​.​A​.​N. & Shady Blaze
Da Tape Hiss Hooligan Vol. 1 is coming at us this July, but make sure to keep it tuned to LWH's bandcamp for more drops.

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