Last night the ever mysterious RxRy hit me up with a track from his upcoming album DLTRA. There is a certain bounce in "Bleoup" that gives me the feeling of being on a carousel while on shrooms. Midway through the track everything shifts, twists into the most outrageous pattern of pieces. Then, as quickly as its disassembling, everything collides back together. In other RxRy news, it sounds like ALPHA is finally getting the vinyl treatment we've been waiting for. It's no surprise that he's keeping the label secret right now, but I do know it's already being pressed and it shouldn't bee too terribly long before that 12" meets my record player.

MP3 :: RxRy - Bleoup
DLTRA is still a few months from being finished, but you can pop over to RxRy's blog for a peek at "Durawl", another banger slated to appear.

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