Premiere: In The Water (Clive Tanaka & Tender:Glove Remix)

Beat Connection's "In The Water" is a vibrant track full of tropical pop that results in pure euphoria. It reminds me of my favorite beach parties, full of fun and lacking dramatics. In this groovy remix from Clive Tanaka and Su Orquesta member Tender:Glove, the party is still going, but Tanaka seems to have focused on the romance of the evening. Lush, heart melting synths guide along a steady, pulsing dance step that begs you to slow down and enjoy every movement. Snag the remix below, and peep the original in what has quickly become one of my favorite videos this year.

MP3: Beat Connection - In The Water (Clive Tanaka & Tender:Glove Remix)
Though it doesn't include this remix, definitely make sure to grab the In The Water 7" now via Tender Age.


  1. Another beautiful track. Thanks Tanaka - may have to grab the 7" of this one.

  2. It's nothing short of amazing.