Put The Speed On

Green Ova is keeping up the steady stream of music, this time with a full mixtape from Shady Blaze that clocks in at barely under an hour. I've sung the praises of Shady before and this mixtape seeks only to validate my claims that this is Shady's Summer. You seldom hear a rapper that can go this fast and still mix up the flow throughout. The mixtape's title, Rappers Ain't $#!% Without A Producer, dictates that we also shine a light on the incredible production. The tape features Green Ova's whole crew of producers, with nonstop bangers from Shady himself, Beautiful Lou, Ryan Hemsworth, Squadda B, Julian Wass, LWH and even Clams Casino. If you needed just little more of a nudge for Green Ova to win you over, this is it.

Shady Blaze - Put The Speed On (Prod by Ryan Hemsworth)
Shady Blaze - Haters Opinion (Prod by Clams Casino)
You can pick up Rappers Ain't $#!% Without A Producer for free over at Bandcamp.

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