Mixtape: Beko + Crash Symbols

This has been a project months in the making, with perhaps the most laborious assembly process of anything I've ever done and I'm almost embarrassingly proud of it.
***We interupt this blogcast with an important message***
Hey guys, this is Jheri, posting as Dwight. Bet that's fucking with your minds real hard. For those of you who don't know, Dwight just made the move from WV to San Francisco, CA. He's been out there a few days with his lovely fiancee, Liz, and they've already been robbed. How's that for a welcome? So they're looking for a new place once again, in a hopefully safer area. In the meantime though, we've got this incredible mixtape that Dwight did most of the work for. Our pals at Beko DSL teamed up with us to drop it on the world. The best thing we can do is listen and tell Dwight how good of a job he did. And if you guys are feeling really supportive, hit up the bandcamp and buy some tapes so Dwight can buy some new shit and we can bring you more releases. That's all we have for now folks. We now return you to your scheduled program.

Daniel Sex Jr. - Entire Life
Hobbledeions -Teller
Download the entire mix exactly where you expected: downtown Beko DSL via the Atlantic channel and the trans-American expressway.



The Answer Page is the Houston-based shoegaze bedroom project of Nate McKee. He just recently dropped his first album, titled Orca, after toiling away at it for two years. In that two years, McKee taught himself to play every instrument on the record, and then taught himself to master to the best of his ability, which as it turns out is pretty fucking incredible. Orca is a true work of beauty, where every second spent on it shines through, and every feeling poured into it reverberates gloriously through each note.

MP3: The Answer Page - Chatter
Head over to bandcamp and pick up the whole thing on CD or digital, though I feel inclined to point out that both cost the same price and the CD comes with a digital copy.

Welcome To (Jurassic Park)

Photo by Kyle Wheeler
Last night I was introduced to the music of Drew Harris, aka Germany Germany. Apparently I'm way behind because he has a ton of plays on his soundcloud already, but that's beside the point. While listening to his songs something snapped inside of me, and I became outrageously happy and giddy. Drew has a new album in the works, and he has promised us some goodies soon, but for now I'll leave you with one of my favorite tracks thus far.

MP3: Germany Germany - Welcome To (Jurassic Park)
The above track comes from Oasis, a beautiful collaborative mixtape curated by Lyfstyl and Hearing Gold. If you've become just as smitten by Germany Germany's music as I am, head over to his bandcamp and pick up even more musical goodness.

Video: Rich P - Back Burner

Directed by Andy Emilio. This is the first video from Rich P's The Oval Office, which you can snag for free over at DatPiff.

Video: Noah Wall - Snowfax

For the past month or so Dwight has busted his ass putting together one of the best mixtapes I've heard in a while. The mix is an upcoming Beko DSL and Crash Symbols collaboration, set to drop on Monday. The homies over at Moduli TV have hooked up this gorgeous video for Noah Wall's standout contribution as a little sneak peek; so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Romantic Streams

Stefanie Franciotti, better known to us as Sleep ∞ Over, has become so prevalent in the blogosphere this past year that it's almost difficult to believe her debut LP, Forever, still hasn't dropped. With every track that drops, however, it's easy to forgive the wait and slide into lucidity. My pals over at Altered Zones and Rose Quartz just premiered "Romantic Streams", a track that starts strong with thudding kicks, neck breaking snaps and dizzying synth warbles. Then come Franciotti's intoxicating vocals, almost pushing and pulling you between a state of dreaming and being awake. I've never been more certain that a long-player is going to melt me upon the first listen.

MP3: Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams
Forever drops September 27 via one of my favorite labels in the world right now, Hippos in Tanks.


Video: Young Theme - Gradual

I know that the above might - depending on how well lit your home is and at what angle your computer is resting - look like a pale blue or white field, devoid of anything. The sense is undeniably appropriate for "Gradual's" home is on Young Theme's Ethereals EP, but if you expand the screen and turn your lights off and make sure your screen is angled properly, the shapes begin to differentiate and propagate in an abstract universe of mono-distinctions, lent color by the type and timing of shifts within the tone.

Dead Sailor

Doug and Bryan Enas, two brothers answering to the name Stagnant Pools, have been working hard the past few months on their most recent record, Temporary Room. While the record still has a few finishing touches to be added, the guys went ahead and sent over a few tracks for our previewing pleasure. This is fuzzed-out shoegaze the way I love, chock full of real emotion. The brothers are still looking for a home for the record (hint hint!), but hopefully we'll see the full release this coming fall.

Stagnant Pools - Dead Sailor
Stagnant Pools - Consistency
To ease the wait for the record, head over to the duo's bandcamp for free downloads of previous releases.

Video: CHLLNGR - The End ft Aku

Usually I don't say much on videos. There is a whole bunch of gorgeous footage there so I don't need to say anything. But seriously, have you listened to CHLLNGR yet? This isn't even my favorite song of his and it still makes me weak in the knees. After you watch this beauty, head over to Dazed Digital for an interesting interview with the homie, where we learn that he and I have the same secret talent.

PS-I should note that it's not this Aku adding dizzying vocals to the track, but actually Aku of Dragons of Zynth.


Video: Aerial Jungle - A Monsoon in Waves

Pretty phenomenal, right? From Aerial Jungle's album Tales of Acoustic Levitation, out just now on the uber-trendy No Kings Record Cadre.


We're obviously pretty hardcore fans of Pregnant, having put out a tape with him. (It was so good it sold out quick, so this isn't even a shameless plug!) Well now he is dropping a split CD-release with his equally talented ladyfriend, Alak, via the lovely folks at Porter Records. The blend of Pregnant's electronic folk and Alak's low-tempo, sultry dance jams is intoxicating. And I feel we must mention how fucking cute it is that the albums title, Tradition, comes from taking their one-year-old on a month-long tour, making a memory map of her hand prints all the way. This split is beautiful through to its core.

Pregnant - Descendant
Alak - Finick While Clicking It's Fingers
While the CD doesn't drop until September 20, if you hit up Porter for the pre-order now there are some pretty rad giveaway options.

Cat's Eye

Our favorite demon from the swamps of Florida, Waylon Thornton recently dropped a new album of psyched out garage bangers called Rat Brew. I've long been a fan of Thornton's howling vocals and jangly guitars. Something on this album feels progressed, however, as Waylon's aggression is now being offset with a more soulful wail. Longtime fans are gonna eat this up, and if you've never given Thornton a shot, you showed up at a great moment.

Waylon Thornton - Cat's Eye
Waylon Thornton - Glitter Maiden
Grab Rat Brew for free over at bandcamp.

Premiere: DUDES - /Relapse (Waitin' 4 Me)

DUDES are a fairly recent invention, becoming a functional band only in the last year or so. Even so, they're clearly super into themselves, but good news: they're getting help and treatment seems to be working. Their new EP, Narcissists Anonymous, is an unconceited blend of hip-hop and funky r&b, with variously affected vocals floating above a layer of synths and a pretty ramble of computer noise. "/Relapse (Waitin' 4 Me)" closes the album on a positive note, with the band anticipating both my and your acclaim (naturally) in the album's most straight-foward jam, lent texture by some well placed and highly flattering vocal samples.

MP3 :: DUDES - /Relapse (Waitin' 4 Me)
Download and preorder the limited edition Narcissists Anonymous cassette from Grizzly Records.


A1 (M)

"A1 (M)" comes from Young Theme's Ethereals EP, one of a handful of small home releases that Berkeley, CA's Scott Barman has been circulating (while I prepared to write about it, another obliquely named track made it to our friend and protector, Altered Zones). The two tracks more than adequately demonstrate Barman's range and the sheer breadth of recordings he's done under the Young Theme aegis; from the smooth shuffle of the latter to the futuristic sprawl of "A1 (M)".
Barman's currently working on a new EP - we'll have some fun announcements regarding that in not too long!


Video: Teamm Jordann - Stadium

Pentagon Q&A

After announcing his first book, the recent release of Fruitheads ep.3 and a "2-disc" compilation of his favorites from the Green Ova collection, you'd think L.W.H. would relax a minute. But that's not his style, so here we have another new track from him. "Pentagon Q&A" is the only single that will be dropping from the upcoming CIA TV. from With an absolutely dizzying beat and beautifully delicate vocals from Astrronomy, this one will have you lucid by the end of it.

MP3: L.W.H. ft Astrronomy - Pentagon Q&A
CIA TV drops August 28.

Video Premiere: Jef Barbara - Sébastien

Peep some upcoming tour information over yonder while you wait for DannielRadall's Jef Barbara remix EP, Cocaine Love, dropping July 21st from the ol' blockheads at AMDISCS.

We're Awake Tonight

It's been a while now since I was first sent the early demos of Gross Magic's Teen Jamz. We were just sent the official version of "We're Awake Tonight", a track that had already claimed my heart in it's demo stages. Led by repetitive keys reminiscent of a carousel and Gross Magic's signature high pitched vocals, it's the first thing I've listened to since my 5-day headache finally went elsewhere. I'm just glad it was something I could bob my head to so profusely.

MP3: Gross Magic - We're Awake Tonight
Teen Jamz drops August 8, but you can pre-order now via The Sound of Sweet Nothing.


No Fear

Our boy Ryan Hemsworth recently sent over this new Shady Blaze banger featuring Ryan on production. It's actually the first drop from their upcoming 11-track mixtape together, titled Distorted. Ryan's production on this one is massive, with blown out percussion and intoxicating samples of Bibio's cover of Clark's "Ted". Shady dedicates the track to everyone out there who feels like they are worthless because they aren't famous for anything. In the chorus he even states, "I'm just like you." While Green Ova certainly hasn't reached their maximum potential yet, it's really cool to hear Shady stay humble as he continues to move to the top of the game.

MP3: Shady Blaze - No Fear (produced by Ryan Hemsworth)
According to Ryan, the mixtape should drop in the next week or two, depending on how soon he finishes mastering it. I've already told him to put the speed on it.

Premiere: Jef Barbara - Cocaine Love (DannielRadall Remix)

While Jef Barbara prepares to tour Europe, DannielRadall will be unveiling a new four track EP of remixes, reworking tracks from across several of Barbara's releases. The first glimpse they're offering of the final product originally comes from the latter's latest, Contaminations, and if the rest of DannielRadall's remixes are as radical, it should be far more than a novelty release. The original's slow cabaret romance for glamorous celebrity ski trips, underpinned by Barbara's piano and reserved vocals, is replaced with fast-paced synths - lots of them - and garnished with a significantly expanded vocal track. Can't wait for the rest.

Look for the Cocaine Love EP to drop on July 21 over at AMDISCS. They'll be giving it the old fashioned Polish treatment at MS Cafe in Lutz, July 27.

Video: ASAP Rocky - Purple Swag

[via Jimmy Morris]


That Way

Based purely on his/her/their tumblr, Born Gold seems concerned with ritual and bodies engaged in them. Parts of those bodies are obscured, perhaps to evoke the smothering of shame in ritual. Our inquiries remain chronically unanswered, but his/her/their feverish dance-pop remains and warrants wonder. I would call it a decidedly un-summery track, but I defy you to listen and not be improved by it.

Streaming :: Born Gold - That Way

Premiere: Cryosphere (Still Frozen Remix)

Konnichiwa never ceases to wow me. Their debut album, Visions, still remains one of my favorite records of the year. Recent single "Cryosphere" was even made into a video game by the duo's own D.V. Caputo. Now they've decided to remix "Cryosphere" themselves, as if the track wasn't already out of this world. This one is for the dancers, leaving behind the eerie spacescapes and instead crafting the most high energy track I've heard from Konnichiwa yet.

MP3: Konnichiwa - Cryosphere (Still Frozen Remix)
Visions is available via the always amazing Rainbow Body Records.

Video: Wellington Downs - Late Diana

[via Stadiums & Shrines]

My Pale Garden

I was recently sent the stream for this bumping new Acid Glasses (formerly 3D Acid Glasses) track, and I just can't stop pressing play over and over. The boys retain the sound of their home, Memphis, while transforming it into something that is more colorful than the city has ever seen. Explosive bits of noise and shimmering synths hold strong to the band's name, so go ahead and put your acid glasses on.

Stream: Acid Glasses - My Pale Garden

Keep an eye out for this track on Acid Glasses' upcoming 7" with Stroll On Records, due out late September.


Premiere: I Come To Shanghai - Love Shark

I Come To Shanghai is a Georgia-based duo that moved there from Oakland, CA, after quitting their jobs, all of which seems more relevant in lieu of the oblique Shanghai reference. Their debut is the vanguard of what the band describes as a sort of episodic miniseries, with "shorter-than-LP and longer-than-EP" installments ultimately uniting to convey their conceptual message - we'll be keeping you posted on that as it emerges. Internally, the album shifts a good deal stylistically, but keeps an updated sort of post-Flaming Lips new-wave feel throughout. Though some portions demand their own time to work themselves out (the band staunchly refuses to parse the album into individual tracks), to receptive ears this is a tremendous summer album.

Streaming :: I Come To Shanghai - Love Shark/Trapped in a Dream/Stand By

Look for the full album on July 12, when the band will be offering it up on a pay-what-you-want basis here.

Premier :: Blac Koyote - A Norte

This past May, FACT Magazine debuted "Polaroid", the first single from José Alberto Gomes, aka, Blac Koyote's upcoming debut album, out this October on Portugal-based PAD. We're proud to present its follow-up, "A Norte", a gradual ascent to ambient bliss conducted by Gomes with organization and restraint, ultimately leading to a new environment, housed in pristine drone. Two remixes from Labrador and Ghuna X explore its obvious re-contextualizations, subverting sounds to new purpose, without profaning the world that Gomes built.

Look for a full length 12" LP on PAD this October, but in the meantime download their A Norte single here and check out "Polaroid" here.


PBUH019 :: Blackbird Blackbird - Halo

Originally released as a mammoth miscellany by Mikey Sanders, aka, Blackbird Blackbird, Halo has been in a bit of a limbo this year, without seeing a proper release - Crash Symbols is proud to provide it. In spite of the delay, since Mikey unveiled the whole collection, it's managed to circulate across the news feeds of literally hundreds of blogs, just like the title-single did before it had acquired first 16 and now 18 extra tracks. Nearly all of them commented on the significant stylistic shift that "Halo" represented, taking his synth laden dream pop into a more lo-fi direction. Although that doesn't hold true across the album, Halo still represents a substantial cross section of Mikey's development after his debut LP, Summer Heart, and easily demonstrates why he's one of the most blogged about musicians in the country.

Holy Cow

Thanks to the successful conclusion of their kickstarter project earlier this year, I'm happy to report that a new album from Borrowed Beams of Light, title Stellar Hoax, is imminent and that it'll shortly be available for streaming here today. Adam Brock's vocals and songwriting remain impeccable throughout the stylistic expansion that the LP marks from the band's debut EP last year. Though the album has some general thematic basis in the Voynich Manuscript, a bizarre 15th century text written in a unique and as-of-yet-unexplained encryption, individual songs still feel like the focus; beautiful lyrics and catchy hooks are a stronger link between them.

MP3 ::
Released in conjunction by Speakertree and World Records, you can preorder Stellar Hoax here. Incidentally, that awesome album art has Thomas Dean to thank for originating it.


PBUH018 :: Abstract Cannon - Primary Consumer EP

Abstract Cannon is 18 year old Houston producer Terrence Jordan, a tremendous dude with tremendous talent making twisted hip-hop and witty beats. Seen together, his music composes a guide to Jordan's social orientation. The Primary Consumer EP is his label debut, collecting a sequence of songs - tracklisted in reverse order, the earliest recording coming last and the latest recording first - that chronicle his transition from a creator to a "primary consumer".

Download the entire Primary Consumer EP over at the Crash Symbols bandcamp.


Spiral Arms

I think Austin experimental band Field Dress is not too far off the mark describing their offspring as "noisy, pleasure-center music" and though I'm not really sure whether they were talking about theirs or other peoples, there's enough overlap that it hits mine pretty nicely. Their upcoming debut, Holy Field, is a shambolic opus of post-rock jams, more or less structured noise collages textured over drones, that periodically recede enough for catchiness to make the madness into sprawling pop-ragas.

MP3 ::
Look for their debut on August 3rd via their bandcamp and keep an eye out here for updates.


O vôo de Margarida

My favorite Stan in the world, who helps runs Cloud Chapel Records down in Sao Paulo, just sent along their amazing album with Bonifrate, "a kind of rural psychedelic fella who was born and raised in Paraty, a small coastal city between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro". Excepting the Portugese, there's absolutely nothing about his latest album, Um Futuro Inteiro, to suggest those origins. Each track plays like a 60s psych hit; gorgeous folk, blues, and rock soaked in bursts of reverb and grown from the kernel of some "good feeling" transplanted to Brazil at the height of psychedelia.

MP3 ::
Buy the limited edition CD version of Um Futuro Inteiro here and download it for free here.

One Day

Velcro is Curtis Wakeling, a long time bedroom/shed/living room recorder of lo-fi ballads and experiments. According to Curtis, though, the name is the only unity between his recordings, made on so many different pieces of equipment and in so many different places that they've become a chronicle of contrast in his life, like this delicate little crooner.

Unfortunately, there are no EPs or albums, singles or songles, in the works, but stick around we'll try to keep you posted if they materialize.