The Answer Page is the Houston-based shoegaze bedroom project of Nate McKee. He just recently dropped his first album, titled Orca, after toiling away at it for two years. In that two years, McKee taught himself to play every instrument on the record, and then taught himself to master to the best of his ability, which as it turns out is pretty fucking incredible. Orca is a true work of beauty, where every second spent on it shines through, and every feeling poured into it reverberates gloriously through each note.

MP3: The Answer Page - Chatter
Head over to bandcamp and pick up the whole thing on CD or digital, though I feel inclined to point out that both cost the same price and the CD comes with a digital copy.

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  1. Happened upon some of this album via Last.fm. Already got the CD. Pretty righteous. One of the most serious, (seriously) listenable things I've heard in a long time...