Holy Cow

Thanks to the successful conclusion of their kickstarter project earlier this year, I'm happy to report that a new album from Borrowed Beams of Light, title Stellar Hoax, is imminent and that it'll shortly be available for streaming here today. Adam Brock's vocals and songwriting remain impeccable throughout the stylistic expansion that the LP marks from the band's debut EP last year. Though the album has some general thematic basis in the Voynich Manuscript, a bizarre 15th century text written in a unique and as-of-yet-unexplained encryption, individual songs still feel like the focus; beautiful lyrics and catchy hooks are a stronger link between them.

MP3 ::
Released in conjunction by Speakertree and World Records, you can preorder Stellar Hoax here. Incidentally, that awesome album art has Thomas Dean to thank for originating it.