Premiere: I Come To Shanghai - Love Shark

I Come To Shanghai is a Georgia-based duo that moved there from Oakland, CA, after quitting their jobs, all of which seems more relevant in lieu of the oblique Shanghai reference. Their debut is the vanguard of what the band describes as a sort of episodic miniseries, with "shorter-than-LP and longer-than-EP" installments ultimately uniting to convey their conceptual message - we'll be keeping you posted on that as it emerges. Internally, the album shifts a good deal stylistically, but keeps an updated sort of post-Flaming Lips new-wave feel throughout. Though some portions demand their own time to work themselves out (the band staunchly refuses to parse the album into individual tracks), to receptive ears this is a tremendous summer album.

Streaming :: I Come To Shanghai - Love Shark/Trapped in a Dream/Stand By

Look for the full album on July 12, when the band will be offering it up on a pay-what-you-want basis here.


  1. Sounds great. Love the harmonies and the bass; it sounds great.

  2. Dude, Am Boner.

  3. Their first record was better.