Premiere: Jef Barbara - Cocaine Love (DannielRadall Remix)

While Jef Barbara prepares to tour Europe, DannielRadall will be unveiling a new four track EP of remixes, reworking tracks from across several of Barbara's releases. The first glimpse they're offering of the final product originally comes from the latter's latest, Contaminations, and if the rest of DannielRadall's remixes are as radical, it should be far more than a novelty release. The original's slow cabaret romance for glamorous celebrity ski trips, underpinned by Barbara's piano and reserved vocals, is replaced with fast-paced synths - lots of them - and garnished with a significantly expanded vocal track. Can't wait for the rest.

Look for the Cocaine Love EP to drop on July 21 over at AMDISCS. They'll be giving it the old fashioned Polish treatment at MS Cafe in Lutz, July 27.

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