Romantic Streams

Stefanie Franciotti, better known to us as Sleep ∞ Over, has become so prevalent in the blogosphere this past year that it's almost difficult to believe her debut LP, Forever, still hasn't dropped. With every track that drops, however, it's easy to forgive the wait and slide into lucidity. My pals over at Altered Zones and Rose Quartz just premiered "Romantic Streams", a track that starts strong with thudding kicks, neck breaking snaps and dizzying synth warbles. Then come Franciotti's intoxicating vocals, almost pushing and pulling you between a state of dreaming and being awake. I've never been more certain that a long-player is going to melt me upon the first listen.

MP3: Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams
Forever drops September 27 via one of my favorite labels in the world right now, Hippos in Tanks.

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