We're obviously pretty hardcore fans of Pregnant, having put out a tape with him. (It was so good it sold out quick, so this isn't even a shameless plug!) Well now he is dropping a split CD-release with his equally talented ladyfriend, Alak, via the lovely folks at Porter Records. The blend of Pregnant's electronic folk and Alak's low-tempo, sultry dance jams is intoxicating. And I feel we must mention how fucking cute it is that the albums title, Tradition, comes from taking their one-year-old on a month-long tour, making a memory map of her hand prints all the way. This split is beautiful through to its core.

Pregnant - Descendant
Alak - Finick While Clicking It's Fingers
While the CD doesn't drop until September 20, if you hit up Porter for the pre-order now there are some pretty rad giveaway options.

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