Video Premiere: Acid Glasses - My Pale Garden

Acid Glasses recently announced a new 7" from Stroll On Records. Stroll On is a fairly new label, having only pushed some digital drops until now, and this beauty is the perfect way to jump into the physical release game. Now the band's own Ouija Allin has crafted a beautiful video to accompany the first track on the a-side, one of my favorite tracks this year, "My Pale Garden". You can also pop over here to give the second a-side track a listen.

The My Pale Garden 7" is limited to just 300 copies and set to drop October 10, but you can head over here to go ahead and reserve a copy now.

Feeling Today

Spencer Stephenson's recordings as Botany have finally gotten the vinyl treatment they so richly deserve - after circulating a bit elsewhere and as a digital release, Western Vinyl finally committed his Feeling Today EP to a 12". You might not remember it, but the eponymous track was forkcasted early in 2010, back when Stephenson was still going by Abacus. It's a tremendous first release, regardless of what it's been doing the last year or so. Some may get stuck in their blissed-out feel and although it's a nice backdrop for what's happening in the songs, an eclectic repertoire of loops and samples give Stephenson's ambient funk real definition.

MP3 ::
Order the vinyl here and check out some of Stephenson's old Abacus tracks here.


Video: Monster Rally - Surf Erie

Washington's Olympic Peninsula isn't too much like Erie, is it? I'm not sure which of the various depressions, constructions, or civic growths Monster Rally was wanting us to surf in this track from his Deep Sea 7" on Gold Robot, but the setting of Tyler Coray's new video fits well enough. The tone of the video does too - Monster Rally's beats might seem slow to unwind, but the pace and palette here keeps things away from the farting brook of "summer's on the wane" claptrap. Relatively speaking, it's also on the wide-side, so make sure you expand your screen.

Gold Robot still has a few copies left on vinyl.

Drip From The Sea

High Pop's brand of crunchy garage goodness has previously been described as "Beach Boys on crack", which isn't surprising when you take a gander at that album art. Their seven-track album "Hippie Speed Ball" really is like taking a trip to the beach with a couple of rowdy dudes (to be exact, rowdy dudes named Sean and Jordan who record in a basement in Connecticut). The whole album is over too soon, but I find myself replaying "Drip From The Sea" the most. The slightly warbling vocals and super fuzzy guitar build in a great two-and-a-half minute wave that comes crashing down with the repeating lyric "you were all that I had".

You can download a few more tracks at their bandcamp.


SPORTS - Vitamin C (The Cyclist Cover/Rework)

All through the summer we've been commissioning a handful of our favorite artists and friends to help us follow-up The Cyclist's stunning debut LP, Bending Brass, with Crash Symbols' first remix album; a bridge to bring our Derry-based friend into a larger community and an opportunity to have his darkly buoyant techno taken down a few different avenues. The first new treatment that we're rolling out comes from SPORTS, and they've given us the even rarer chance to hear that "darkly buoyant techno" covered as a synth-pop anthem. Look for the rest of the new remix album (Rending Brass?) in November.

MP3 ::
Appropriately, both bands' albums on Crash Symbols are now in insanely short supply - consider offering a home to the last copies of SPORTS' s/t debut and the absolute final copy of Bending Brass, here and here, respectively.


Wave Of My Emotion

We saw local band Twin Steps live last night, and it (further) inspired me to write a post about them; the four songs that they have on their bandcamp are great, but the intense energy that all three dudes bring to the stage is something else. Twin Steps plays a unique, tight blend of garage rock and... surfy-shred-soul. Their track "Wave Of My Emotion" moves between bouts of Devendra Banhart-esque vocals and sparkling surf guitar, all while deftly descending into a realm that seems full of drunk, dancing 1960s teenagers. I love it.

You can download more of their songs here.


Video: Karma Vision - Pizza Power

Hear ye, hear ye! The first video for a track off Karma Vision's new album, Pizza Power, is here. Directed by Sam Michie, the video follows a "zebra" and "duck" through various shenanigans such as dancing, driving, hanging out with a stuffed lion smoking a cigar, and of course, riding on giant pizza slices while their heads explode into triangles. You know, just a day in the life of Karma Vision. I also really, really like the whole album, which is available on cassette from Whatever Forever.


Under The Mountain

Few labels have ever so ably sustained as varied an output and so clear a focus as Moodgadget, the record pressing organ of ISO50 contributor Jakub Alexander (check out ISO50 for a great example of a blog doing a variety of things perfectly). On August 30th, he and ISO50 will be co-hosting Under The Mountain: a Moodgadget showcase at The Glasslands in Brooklyn, which I anticipate not attending (bummer). However, if you want to join us in some vicarious jamming they've also got an awesome Moodgadget sampler in circulation, with eight incredible new tracks showcasing the label's lineup.

MP3 ::
Download the entire hombre here. We'll also be missing out on the free t-shirt they're giving to the first 100 attendants, sporting the above cover artwork. If you go, get one (a medium), and don't want it - we'll make giving it to me worth your while.

Green Light

For about a month last spring I was convinced that Leisure was going to be huge, on the strength of their shows with Girls and one of the strongest (free) singles I'd heard all season (FADER called it a "string-laden baby Phoenix", though I don't know what ashes it would have been rising out of in that instance of the metaphor). More than a year later, I get a short email with a new song in it and all of a sudden they've got an album coming. The tone of "Green Light" is a bit different than their past tracks - less orchestral, having lost the beefy string accompaniment, but it feels like a solid continuation.

Streaming: Leisure - Green Light
Further research indicates that I'd missed more Leisure time than I thought - less than a month ago, our bud at Pasta Primavera posted a couple more new songs. To quote him, their debut Plastic Souls "should be out soon… sometime… somewhere". Hopefully soon.


Give It To Me

Last year, round January I 'spose, Goodbye Boozy put out one of Mikal Cronin's rare solo records, a two song 7" that included this incredible cover of "Give It To Me", originally done by the Troggs (a reasonably popular 1967 single, though it never made it on to any of their studio albums). Cronin hasn't necessarily done anything too crazy to the original song, but he's made a pitch perfect pop-punk rendition that loses none of the original's charm and adds freely of his own. Incredibly great shit is not a good enough kind of shit to describe this.

Download the whole 7" over at Mikal Cronin's bandcamp and check out the original Troggs version here. That said, Goodbye Boozy is a fairly prolific lil' Italian label with a tremendous back catalog that bears exploring while we wait for Cronin's new full-length on Trouble in Mind.



I have to admit, I love cloudy days (I'm still adjusting to the perpetual sunniness of California), but the super summery track "uUu" by Field Trips is hard to beat. Cheery, bubblegum surf vocals come in immediately, along with a groovy, repetitious bass line that I can't get out of my head. This isn't straight-up Beach Boys stuff, though; the vocals and guitar are deliciously fuzzy enough that this track never gets old. Now I just have to wait for a full-length release from these guys...

Their equally as awesome single "I Am The Sun" is also available over at their beachy bandcamp.

Update: I originally thought this band was from Oakland, but it turns out that they're not the same band. These folks are German and are hoping to have an album out in October.

Premiere: ◊ (Purple)

Julian Wass just hit me up with a cut that didn't make it onto Crystals, his newest tape slated to drop in mid-September. "◊ (Purple)" is the a-side to his new single, and it has an incredible meditative vibe while still keeping a high energy about it, a trick that Wass has seemed to have mastered. Glitchy snares and a pulsing beat weave through a whirlwind of synths that are almost certain to leave you dizzy in a way only purple could.

MP3: Julian Wass - ◊ (Purple)
Head over to bandcamp to grab both tracks from the ◊ (Purple) digital single.

Owlright Live @ KSPC 06.23.11

It's fairly rare that we post live sets or performances of any kind here, but this half hour recording of Owlright's performace at KSPC this past June more than merits the special attention. Blip-step, I guess you'd call it... definitely a nice companion to the skwee we've been digesting elsewhere. With a few select cuts from their 2010 debut, Cool Shoos Dood, and from their upcoming LP, it's great introduction to the Boise duo.

Streaming: Owlright Live @ KSPC, 06.23.11

If the live recording is piquing your interest, Cool Shoos Dood is up for free on yon bandcamp.


Walk All Over Me

Meet SNEAKPEEK, a badass garage/grunge group who deserves your attention. They are Dora Hiller, Aric Bohn (formerly of The Willowz), Mike Motz, and Aaron Haack. Definitely some of the best psych-rock I've heard in awhile, their track Walk All Over Me is a fuzzy, thick jam that Dora's vocals (somehow surprisingly) match perfectly. The version of it that's available on their Bandcamp is a live version, which makes me hope that they'll be playing some shows near Oakland eventually. Right now they're busy finishing their self-titled EP, which is planned to be out at the end of the summer -- just in time to be my favorite record this fall.

They have three other tracks that you can download at their bandcamp.

Luca Badoer's Theme Song

Peninsula Fernandes is Daniel Monteiro of São Paulo, where he shares a home with his label, the indefatigable pioneer of Brazilian synth, noise, and psych: Cloud Chapel. His sophomore album with the label is eight songs of the same... primitive and ritualized, resplendent in the sound of off-kilter techno-garble and prepared liberally with radio samples. Though Cloud Chapel is interesting half because the label amounts to a highly self-conscious chronicle of a neighborhood, city, and circle of friends, Monteiro's latest still manages to seem particularly personal.

Download Savoia for free or buy the limited edition CD version here.


Mark Aubert's most recent album Somewhere is pure hip hop bliss. I really mean "pure", because when I first heard it, I kept expecting something (weird vocals, annoying samples, etc) to come in and ruin it, but it never happened. Reminiscent of J Dilla, these bite-size experimental beats are smooth and addictive; the only thing to do when you finish one of his albums is to start it again. If you're in the Bay Area, you can catch him at this festival on September 27th.

You can download any of his seven albums for free at his bandcamp. There are even downloadable cassette versions!

The Place Where You Belong

I've been in love with Lemonade since True Panther's flurry of 12" EPs last year, a spontaneous burst of vinyl that also saw some incredible releases from Tanlines and Junka Nabay. That their latest audio stirring is a cover from the Beverly Hills Cop III soundtrack need not be belabored - the connection is natural and they clearly rose to the occasion on this rendition, finessing their vocals more than usual and driving home the beat every chance they got.

While we wait with bated breath for news of new releases, keep the band's soundcloud open at all times.


Let Me Know

The very prolific Michigan-based musician Red Hook (Nick Schneider), emailed us and encouraged us to check out his music, which he says is "an extension of his being". The said extension turns out to be a fun collection of smooth pop with varying layers of catchy beats and dreamy vocals. I particularly like Let Me Know, one of the twenty-one tracks from his album Crystal Skies. It's a hi-hat driven ride through funky, jangly guitar and pillowy synth melodies that fits well into the album as a whole.

Download Crystal Skies (or any of Red Hook's ten free albums) here.

Video: Coma Cinema - Business as Usual

This will probably be one of the more affecting music videos we all watch this year. Apparently put together by Micah Van Hove over the course of other projects and recordings, it's the most thematically explicit companion I've ever seen for a Coma Cinema track. Pretty incredible.

Mind Maps

As what seems like an insanely long summer draws to a close, this laid-back electronica by The Goat (Will McCall) is much welcome. Like a cool autumnal shadow passing over, his album Jesus Lives, The Goat Is Dead feels refreshing and simple. Not party jams, but not totally ambient, either. I think my favorite track is Mind Maps, but I recommend floating through the whole album.

You can download the album (and lots of others) for free here.

Down in the Town

While Absent Fever gets ready to release Wishbone, the new EP from Brooklyn's slightly obliquely named It is rain my face., we're teaming up with Pasta Primavera and Head Underwater to give everyone some pre-release info. To that end, we're utilizing the oft-neglected three part separate interview series format to biographize - today, Matt gives us some background on the name.
1. How did you settle on the name It is rain in my face.? Is it in reference to a piece of literature or art? Or simply the feeling of rain?
Originally I thought I had come up with the name all by myself, but after a while I realized I had just stolen from the Native American Chief who killed Colonel Custer (Chief Rain-In-His-Face). I don't know exactly why I chose it... I do prefer rainy days over sunny ones, if that has anything to do with it.
Streaming: It is rain in my face. - Down in the Town
Keep checking Absent Fever for updates, and watch for the follow-up from Pasta.



Michael Stein of School Knights advises that Get Off the Coast "readers" should not "listen to something so profane" as their new album All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven and that you are all "assholes". These are some uncomfortable sentiments, but they effect in no way the exceptional quality of their first full-length. People will talk about surf and pop and shit, but I think in our heart of hearts we can all acknowledge that it's mostly just a killer rock n' roll album.

MP3 ::
Y'all really needed that image, right? Thought so. Grab it's accompanying musical album from the homies at Dracula Horse or direct from the band. Incidentally, we've still got a handful of copies of their offensively named split with Pacific Pride on Crash Symbols - check it out here (totally SFW).

Video: Beggars In a New Land - God Is Doing a New Thing

Last year we had the opportunity to release Teething, the debut EP from New Jersey's Beggars in a New Land, over at Crash Symbols (where it's still available to download for free). It sold out tout suite and now we've got their upcoming Space Touch EP to look forward to. Peep the video track and a few others over at their soundcloud while we wait.

Gentle Man

A few days ago, Liz and I were talking about the bum rap the word gentleman's gotten over the last decade - not even the hipster's mustachioed foot soldier has done much to resuscitate it's reputation. In the same vein as our equivocation over the word, there are parts of this new Jensen Sportag track that don't quite jive with me. Nevertheless, it's clearly a good thing, with captivating rhythms and a fun synth line... it's fairly immersive.

Streaming: Jensen Sportag - Gentle Man



Lemonada likes "our shit" and I sure as hell like his. As of now, his shit amounts to a fifteen-track beat tape called Kelly Green Vol. 1, which god willing not be another one of those tongue-in-cheek volume ones that never get a fucking sequel. The basic production has a synthy feel, but the samples are big and there's no attempt to force the sounds into doing anything they wouldn't have wanted to - the juxtapositions are a bit out there, but damned if they don't work. Between the beats and the amazing collage he got James Kirwan to do for the cover, I'm pretty smitten.

MP3 ::
Download all of his debut album over at the corner bandcamp. I think "kelly green" is meant to be a colo(u)r, incidentally.



Within the first three seconds of hearing Sleeping Bag's Beside, I was hooked. Listening to the track (which comes from their self-titled debut, out now on Joyful Noise) takes me back to when Weezer was still making great, simple rock-pop. David Segedy, the group's drummer, primary singer, and songwriter (fuck yeah, drummer-centered bands!), perfectly layers his deadpan vocals over sweet, solid drumbeats while Lewis Rogers plays some catchy-as-hell guitar riffs and David Woodruff lays down the bass. Giddy-up.

You can stream and purchase the whole album here.


Wanna Fight

Since moving to Oakland, I keep fortuitously coming across awesome bands that happen to be from the Bay Area. I've recently gotten into Oakland-based band Bare Wires, who were featured on Castle Face Records' Group Flex Vol. 1, an amazing collection of five seven-inch flexi discs. Group Flex includes exclusive tracks from almost all of Castle Face's tasty roster: Blasted Canyons, Thee Oh Sees, Bare Wires, The Fresh & Onlys, and Ty Segall, who's teamed up with Mikal Cronin. The discs are holographic and multi-colored, and the packaging is deftly designed by artist William Keihn. I could keep going on about this sweet project, but instead I'll just leave you with one of the tracks from it. Enjoy.

If you're like me, you'll want this thing immediately. Buy it here.


On Jelly Jells' facebook page the only description reads, "Jelly Jells is a half black, half italian son of a prostitute. He is a musician, magician, inventor, aesthete, dreamer, doer and believer!" In two sentences we know where he comes from and who he is. Then there is his music. Some mind melting concoction of Outkast, Prince and his own personal brand of soul seem to reach through the headphones a take a tight hold on the listener. This new anthem for self-worth from an upcoming EP shows just how powerful Jelly's music can be.

MP3: Jelly Jells - Beautiful

In Circles

Woodsman have announced their new EP, Mystic Places, along with an intense new single titled "In Circles". Its furious pace holds the apparent tone of the record strong, an ode to the band's love for the road. Over the past couple of years we've seen Woodsman continually release music not only from themselves, but also from the likes of Tjutjuna, Dead Gaze, Tennis and more via their Fire Talk label. All this and the boys still find the time to do what they love, hitting the road and taking the music on tour.

MP3: Woodsman - In Circles
Mystic Places drops October 25, but you can pre-order now via Fire Talk.


Spirit Sisters are transitioning - from Ann Arbor, MI, a fine place to judge by the number of musicians I've seen come out of the university and its environs, to Providence, RI, for reasons unspecified. The male gendered (blogspot says I've mispelled this and suggests "rendered", which has its own appeal under the circumstances) half of their two song cycle has an almost ambivalent sort of electronic swagger to it - both have relatively straight-forward R&B beats, but the vocal sample in "He" sounds like a repeated, half finished "well". Whatever conceits are hidden in either track, they sound pretty good in always sunny California.

Streaming :: Spirit Sisters - He
Listen to "She", the companion piece to "He", over here. While you're at it, why not supplement that with a matching companion video.

Now What

Bram Ruiter is a film student in the Netherlands who also makes music under the moniker Meszahline. He just sent over his debut EP, titled Several Beings. With only four tracks, each song takes on a life and sound of it's own, quickly showing that Meszahline can create extraordinary and cohesive tracks that can't be pigeon-holed.

MP3: Meszahline - Now What (w/ Bobbi Dahl)
Pick up the full Several Beings EP for free via Bandcamp.


Whatever Leads Me To You

Whatever Leads Me To You, a new track by The Crayon Fields' frontman Geoffrey O'Connor, is quite the lovely gem. Chapter Music is releasing his new solo album (the first one under his own name), Vanity Is Forever, on September 27th. Whatever Leads Me To You is a laid-back, yet heartfelt 80s-tinged jam that's great through headphones. Caution: may induce severe pining.

You can also check out a "teaser" video for the upcoming album here. I don't know about you guys, but the music in it reminds me of the Twin Peaks intro.

Premiere: L.W.H. ft Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze & Friendzone - All In Your Hands

L.W.H. just hooked us up with the drop on the newest single from the upcoming The Tape Hiss Hooligan. The track features Friendzone adding some beautiful instrumentation and Main Attrakionz & Shady Blaze going in on the verses. The transition from Squadda to Shady to Mondre is one of the best flows I've heard from the Green Ova crew. The track even has an overall positive message that the world and belongs to us and life is what we make of it. But, and as you can see from the art above, there's a parental advisory, so kids plug your headphones in so your parents don't hear.

MP3: L.W.H. ft Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze & Friendzone - All In Your Hands
Tape Hiss Hooligan drops later this month, and you know we'll keep you posted.

Hit The Fan

Born unto the world just a couple of days ago, Stephen Farris's glittering new album Phosphorescence is certainly just as sweet and smooth as its first track's title, "Milk and Honey". Each track is a delicious, mood-enhancing treat on its own, but I suggest listening to the entire album in one sitting (or dancing, as the case may be). I wonder what Mr. Farris will do next...

Download all of Phosphorescence here.

Flickering Light

Ṣūpfā's blistering minimalist beats in "Flickering Light" seem to echo the heat wave that gripped his home state of Minnesota last month, while it's b-side, "Leaky Faucet", better presages the Minneapolis proclivity for doing things indoors. Though the two different tones struck on his debut single don't necessarily point to any final self-image, they're a great introduction.

Download the entire single, with b-side, at Ṣūpfā's bandcamp.

Video: FAVORS - "D.D.D."

Grab FAVORS' recently self-released cassette, Five Million Years, here.


Video: Babes & Sixteen Notes - Siobhan's (Molasses)

PBUH023: Rivka - Sky Child

For the past couple of weeks I've remained amazed by Rivka's ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop and tropical sounds into brilliant dreamscapes. So much so that we've opted to put out a new digital single with the duo on Crash Symbols; something we hope will lead to more fruitful ventures together in the future. Delicate vocals weave in and out of the track while swollen synth lines, thick bass and rapid snare pops keep you in a delightful haze that is hard to escape if for no other reason than you won't want to.

Download/Stream: Rivka - Sky Child

Rap Junkies

This past year has seen the duo of Squadda B and MondreM.A.N. release numerous mixtapes, both solo and together as Main Attrakionz. With each release they seem to have stepped things up in a slightly new direction, and this is certainly no different on 808s & Dark Grapes II, the new mixtape released just yesterday via Mishka NYC. The duo's first studio effort to date showcases their sound in a slightly cleaner light, allowing the amazing production from the likes of Clams Casino, Friendzone, Silky Johnson, Noa Boa and more to shine through even more than ever. Standout track "Rap Junkies" features Squadda himself teaming with Floyd Waybetter to create a massively energetic beat that Main Attrakionz fully attack.

MP3: Main Attrakionz - Rap Junkies
Head over to Mishka to snag 808s & Dark Grapes II in full.


Devil's Lettuce

Half of the musicians I knew moving into the Bay Area are heavily involved in beatmaking, so the sound of whirring effects and bustling samples nudging themselves gently into the chorus of a song has felt constantly close at hand. Skeleton Zoo's surrealist debut The Busride EP fits nicely into that milieu, offering up a sample from the original Willy Wonka movie no later than the third track. The duo, Stephen Goodwin and Ezekiel Barnett, played cello together in high school orchestra, but now they collaborate cross country, creating conscientious showcases for gorgeous sounds. I don't know if the cello background necessarily comes through in the music, but let me know if you think it does and why (I'd be interested).

Download the entire album here.


Formerly at the center of Peephole, Kent Odessa is one of the dozen or so people that I'm hoping will be bringing the phenomenon-typically-known-as-chillwave back around the bend to something a bit more uptempo, after a few years of being the year round summer whatever (I'm not complaining, though). Whatever the case, whether moving back to Detroit played any part in it or not, the lead single for his upcoming solo-debut is an energetic soul anthem, with a tremendous low-key groove and synth accents.

Though plans are still tentative, it looks like Odessa's going to be self-releasing the album in October. In the meantime, he's got a couple more tracks for us at his soundcloud.


Premiere: Prospect Dub

Our pals at End Fence just hooked us up with the premiere for a new track from their newest realese, the Shrinin EP from Archie Pelago. Archie Pelago is comprised of Greg Heffernan, Zach Koeber and Dan Hirshorn. The trio combine live instrumentation (via cello, saxophone and trumpet) with mesmerizing electronics that would soundtrack a sci-fi film set to a cine-noir theme perfectly. Peep the third track below.

MP3: Archie Pelago - Prospect Dub
The Shrinin EP drops tomorrow, August 15, so head over to End Fence and make sure to check it out.


Video: Mattress - Only Lonely

You asked for more crazy flashing insanity, and Mattress heard you. Grab his latest tape from Field Hymns.


I've had really mixed feelings about splits in the past - doing our unusually named Crash Symbols release with School Knights and Pacific Pride was pretty gratifying, but it takes pairings like Jordan Knecht and Lake Mary to really underscore the potential value of these novel releases. Knecht's ironically named "Moderation" (it's fourteen minutes long) and it's flipside "Perseverance" gradually unfold like a eulogy in folk and as the last vocal tone dies, Lake Mary's three part ambient song cycle rises up to fill the void, reminding me at least that the human voice is still new to the world's sonic milieu.

MP3 ::
Download Knecht and Lake Mary's halves here and here, respectively.


Interview: Chelsea Wolfe

In the final moments of last year Pendu Sound dropped Chelsea Wolfe's The Grime and the Glow on the world, a record that ultimately made me regret posting my favorite albums list before the year had officially ended. Now, less than a year later, Wolfe is set to release her follow up, Ἀποκάλυψις (pronounced "apokalypsis," the word is Greek for both apocalypse and revelation). The record is an obvious progression of the sound that was established with her first release that leaves me in even more of a beautiful daze after listening. Chelsea is wrapping up her tour in Europe (tour dates over here) at the moment, but I recently got the chance to shoot her a few questions about recording music as a child, current influences, doom-folk and more.

MP3: Chelsea Wolfe - Movie Screen

So you're in Germany right now. Is this your first time traveling Europe? What about playing shows there?
Actually just stopped in Hamburg to sleep after a long day of driving. It's a good halfway point between Gothenburg and Paris. I've been over here a few times, and in March I came to France for a tour. This was my first time to Sweden and Norway, though. I really loved it and want to come back for more shows.

Read the full interview after the jump.


Video: Mathieu Santos - I Can Hear The Trains Coming

[Video by Jubadaba]
If you've never taken shrooms and then watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, fret not. Thanks to this insanely awesome new video from Ra Ra Riot's Mathieu Santos you no longer have to. The track comes from his new limited green 7" via the homies at Old Flame Records. While it still says pre-order, a tweet earlier today shows that the wax has arrived, so hopefully you'll be seeing it on your doorsteps soon enough. Head over here to pick up a copy now before they're all gone.


In August of 2010 we were treated to Balam Acab's first EP, See Birds, via the folks at Tri Angle Records. A year later and we're finally seeing his debut LP, WANDER / WONDER, still kicking it with the Tri Angle homies. I got the chance to give the album a full listen this morning and was absolutely blown away. The tracks are soft and delicate at times, and even in their most beat heavy moments they retain a sense of fragility. Stark and beautiful are words that only begin to describe what has already become one of my favorite records of the year.

MP3: Balam Acab - Oh, Why
Stream: Balam Acab - Apart

WANDER / WONDER is available August 29 in LP, CD and digital formats thanks to the inimitable Tri Angle Records.

Bring Me Thunder

I recently wrote about "gnosticism" and any talk of Land of Blood and Sunshine has to be in the same vein. From the first time I heard their quirky vocals and saw their bizarre videos, I haven't really known who they were and if they were the same type of being as me. When I received a package from them smelling pungently of cigarettes and full of pictures and CDs and posters the impression was probably emphasized, though the illustration with their recent Daytrotter session has mostly humanized them. Their latest is a four track 7" that chronicles the same forgotten recitations and incantations of whatever strange Iowa clan they hail from, though the shamans have clearly been taking the production in some interesting new directions.

Candy Claws In-Studio at KZUU

One of my favorite bands in the entire world to see live, Candy Claws, recently played a few songs for an in-studio session with the folks at KZUU and our girl Cardoons. It's only a brief glimpse at the beauty they craft, but beauty it still is. The band also answers a few questions between tracks, including talking about their car full of sinners and touring in space. They've still got a few tour dates left (which you can peep after the jump), so make sure to catch the full live show if you have the chance.

Stream: Candy Claws In-Studio at KZUU

You can grab the mp3s for all three tracks over at KZUU's website. Candy Claws' most recent album, Hidden Lands, is also still available in LP and CD formats via the folks over at TwoSyllable Records.


Video: Lil Daggers - Dada Brown


While a lot of folks have had their eye on the throne these past few days, I've been blasting Watch The Couch. SUPERBUDDAH, the joint project of Ethereal and Spacebar, dropped the cleverly named mixtape on us just days ago and already hit the limit on their bandcamp downloads, for what that's worth. And don't let that couch incite thoughts of laziness, if anything it refers to the purely down to Earth stylings of the duo.

SUPERBUDDAH - Adderall (f. The RedFox)
SUPERBUDDAH - Tomorrow (f. Rena G)
Head over to bandcamp to cop the full album for free, or even throw the dudes some cash if you're really feeling it.

Mixtape Premiere: Virtual Connections

The cuties over at Gucci Goth just hooked us up with the exclusive drop on their new mix titled Virtual Connections. The mix is to get y'all prepared for the Gucci Goth showcase at the upcoming Drop Dead Festival. In true GG fashion, their showcase will feature not just great live performances from CREEP, oFF and Butterclock, but also art exhibits including nailart by Perfictionism and a garden of floral artwork from Theophany Low. Get the full rundown after the jump.

Download/Stream: Gucci Goth - Virtual Connections

Fire Flame

Toronto is doing it big in hip-hop right now, eh? Aspektz just got featured by XXL recently so it's only a matter of time for we start seeing his name everywhere. A new track from his upcoming Academic Probation 3 just dropped today, featuring the beat from Birdman's track of the same name. While the beat and pun game are the same, this one brings a fire of its own.

MP3: Aspektz - Fire Flame
No word yet on the release date for AP3 just yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Hey, Hey

In the past few weeks I've spent an absurd amount of time on turntable.fm. One of my favorite aspects of the site is getting to hear people play their own jams and make some rad connections. While I'll be turning you onto to more tt.fm finds soon, I'd like to start with In the Shadow of the Mountain. While these tracks aren't exactly new, they're still amazing. Fine ambient scores layer their works with some tracks even featuring melodic-pop vocals. I'm told they're working on new material now, but in the mean time you can also check out Fissures, the side-project of the band's own Dale W Eisinger.

In the Shadow of the Mountain - Hey, Hey
In the Shadow of the Mountain - Circles
Pick up In the Shadow of the Mountain and the Burnt River Bridge as a free download over here.

Pinko Morning

It's been a moment since we last showed Nihiti some love, but with the announcement of their new mostly-acoustic EP on Lo Bit Landscapes, it's about time we posted up some new beautiful tunes from them. While we're used to sythesizers and pulsing beats fracturing our realities from Nihiti, Faced With Splendor shows that the real power in their music lies directly in the songwriting. Lovers of the electronic sound should fear not, however, as we can expect another beautiful record of that nature to drop early next year.

MP3: Nihiti - Pinko Morning
Faced With Splendor hit's the streets September 9 via Lo Bit Landscapes.

Remember Just The Good Stuff

Avalon is a 22-year-old producer coming out of San Francisco by-way-of Arizona. Her tracks have a minimal wave to them with delicate, pressing vocals that border on heartbreaking. According to Avalon, she wrote the tracks about her first pro photography gig and the model she fell in love with. Sadly the songs are of how the girl broke Avalon's heart and not love songs, but at least some beauty still came of it all.

Avalon - Remember Just The Good Stuff
Avalon - Not A Big Thought

Cooking With Bell Peppers

Knowing my penchant for bluesy rock, Dwight forwarded me an email from Manchester-based band, The Bell Peppers (who kindly referred to GOTC as "king blog"). Their woozy 5-track album, Cooking With Bell Peppers, reminds me of the late-night jamming that I used to do with my brother and dad. Classic doo-wop rhythms and tinny guitar riffs are combined with spare, distorted vocals and stripped-down drums to produce something that's probably best accompanied by a cigarette and your preferred type of liquor.

Take off your dress shoes and download their album here.



Boy Party just dropped their new track, "July," into my lap this morning. It's a beautiful, summery track with some slightly depressing lyrics that evoke thoughts of a rainy day at the beach. The track is the debut single from their upcoming LP, Who Cares? Even cooler, as it turns out these homies are like 30 minutes from me and they're playing this Friday with When I Was 12 and Younger Siblings in Greensboro at Green Bean.

MP3 :: Boy Party - July
Who Cares? drops September first at the Boy Party Bandcamp.

Video: Pepepiano - Kevin's Basement

Mixtape: Wild Hare

Know who made this mixtape? Liz Toler. Know who made that cover art up there for it? She did that too. She's my fiance and she's joining Jheri and I and Brian and Audrey while we do this blog thing and just me and Jheri while we do that label thing over there. In strictest adherence to the protocols of these institutions (henceforth to be known as "this blog thing" and "this label thing" respectively), she has prepared an introduction for herself in the form of a mixtape, which I'm prefacing now in the form of an introduction. Hey there, Liz!

MP3 ::
Karma Vision - Rabbit Hole Surf
Yung Life - I See You
Download the whole thing here and check out a tracklist (perhaps for this very thing) after the jump.

Video Premiere: Police Academy 6 - The Chills (feat Raw Moans)

[Directed by Christina Acevedo]
Joe Volmer, the mind behind Police Academy 6 (as well as Party Trash and a few others), recently hooked us up with the co-premiere of his new video. "The Chills", which also features Raw Moans on the cut, has a slightly grieving though somewhat uplifting feeling to it and this video captures that just perfectly. Throughout the clip we see its one star have a total emotional breakdown while driving an old Lincoln with some beautiful interior. Towards the end, however, we're kinda left hanging in a hopeful way.


Introduction of a Species

Some of you may know that my fiance and I just moved from (my hometown) Morgantown, West Virginia to Oakland, California, so you might appreciate the chance that less than a few days after leaving I would hear from a Morgantown band. The Dreadful Horoscope was a name I heard floating around for a while and though I never heard any albums or saw them play any shows, it turns out the moniker's been in use for a at least a little while. Their latest album, Song of the Invasive Species, is an almost grotesque juxtaposition of lyrical quirks and meandering organs, punctuated with samples and moments of droning absence, that ultimately condense into a sort of Appalachian Gnosticism. I recommend it.

MP3 ::
Download the entire album here.

Video: Oxykitten - 0 For Everything

To The Happy Few - Orion (Metallica Cover)

We've been really engrossed with Paris' Svn Sns Records for a long time now, thanks to Chief Black Cloud's opus Monoï, but we're only more recently becoming acquainted with label mates and CBC's crossover project, To The Happy Few. Having said that, I should emphasize that the band doesn't actually like Metallica (god knows that's a quality I can appreciate), but their cover if "Orion" is a fun bit of dark, beat driven flighty of fancy for the band to have tackled on a lark.

Check out more tunes from on their bandcamp.