Candy Claws In-Studio at KZUU

One of my favorite bands in the entire world to see live, Candy Claws, recently played a few songs for an in-studio session with the folks at KZUU and our girl Cardoons. It's only a brief glimpse at the beauty they craft, but beauty it still is. The band also answers a few questions between tracks, including talking about their car full of sinners and touring in space. They've still got a few tour dates left (which you can peep after the jump), so make sure to catch the full live show if you have the chance.

Stream: Candy Claws In-Studio at KZUU

You can grab the mp3s for all three tracks over at KZUU's website. Candy Claws' most recent album, Hidden Lands, is also still available in LP and CD formats via the folks over at TwoSyllable Records.

Remaining tour dates:
8/11 Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
8/13 Mountain View, CA - Red Rock Coffee
8/14 - 8/16 - Possible house shows. Get in touch!
8/17 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo w/ Moses Campbell, Races
8/18 San Diego, CA - Habitat House
8/20 Fort Collins, CO - Hammerbash at the Terminal

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