Different Color Gold

Michael Floering, aka Sea Things, makes some of the most zonked out beats I've ever heard, and he's been extra busy lately. Last month he dropped his fantastic new EP, Jaws. Now he's passed me two tracks he recently produced for Squadda B of Main Attrakionz/Green Ova. The production on just these two shows Sea Things versatility in production while maintaining an almost underwater theme that his moniker encourages. "Different Color Gold" has a heavy, driving your Cadillac-submarine through an alien cavern feel to it, catching Squadda on an incredibly based flow. "Serve The Dealer" turns up the energy a bit with a tropical feel reminiscent of the coral reef.

Squadda B - Different Color Gold (Prod. by Sea Things)
Squadda B - Serve The Dealer (Prod. by Sea Things)
These tracks are from an upcoming EP from Squadda and Sea Things, due out a bit later this year.

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