Down in the Town

While Absent Fever gets ready to release Wishbone, the new EP from Brooklyn's slightly obliquely named It is rain my face., we're teaming up with Pasta Primavera and Head Underwater to give everyone some pre-release info. To that end, we're utilizing the oft-neglected three part separate interview series format to biographize - today, Matt gives us some background on the name.
1. How did you settle on the name It is rain in my face.? Is it in reference to a piece of literature or art? Or simply the feeling of rain?
Originally I thought I had come up with the name all by myself, but after a while I realized I had just stolen from the Native American Chief who killed Colonel Custer (Chief Rain-In-His-Face). I don't know exactly why I chose it... I do prefer rainy days over sunny ones, if that has anything to do with it.
Streaming: It is rain in my face. - Down in the Town
Keep checking Absent Fever for updates, and watch for the follow-up from Pasta.

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