Give It To Me

Last year, round January I 'spose, Goodbye Boozy put out one of Mikal Cronin's rare solo records, a two song 7" that included this incredible cover of "Give It To Me", originally done by the Troggs (a reasonably popular 1967 single, though it never made it on to any of their studio albums). Cronin hasn't necessarily done anything too crazy to the original song, but he's made a pitch perfect pop-punk rendition that loses none of the original's charm and adds freely of his own. Incredibly great shit is not a good enough kind of shit to describe this.

Download the whole 7" over at Mikal Cronin's bandcamp and check out the original Troggs version here. That said, Goodbye Boozy is a fairly prolific lil' Italian label with a tremendous back catalog that bears exploring while we wait for Cronin's new full-length on Trouble in Mind.

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