Green Light

For about a month last spring I was convinced that Leisure was going to be huge, on the strength of their shows with Girls and one of the strongest (free) singles I'd heard all season (FADER called it a "string-laden baby Phoenix", though I don't know what ashes it would have been rising out of in that instance of the metaphor). More than a year later, I get a short email with a new song in it and all of a sudden they've got an album coming. The tone of "Green Light" is a bit different than their past tracks - less orchestral, having lost the beefy string accompaniment, but it feels like a solid continuation.

Streaming: Leisure - Green Light
Further research indicates that I'd missed more Leisure time than I thought - less than a month ago, our bud at Pasta Primavera posted a couple more new songs. To quote him, their debut Plastic Souls "should be out soon… sometime… somewhere". Hopefully soon.


  1. this is some good shit

  2. Gotta check out their 2010 stuff if you didn't already hit the link up top: http://www.thefader.com/2010/03/30/leisure-its-alright-on-the-suez-canal-mp3/