Hey, Hey

In the past few weeks I've spent an absurd amount of time on turntable.fm. One of my favorite aspects of the site is getting to hear people play their own jams and make some rad connections. While I'll be turning you onto to more tt.fm finds soon, I'd like to start with In the Shadow of the Mountain. While these tracks aren't exactly new, they're still amazing. Fine ambient scores layer their works with some tracks even featuring melodic-pop vocals. I'm told they're working on new material now, but in the mean time you can also check out Fissures, the side-project of the band's own Dale W Eisinger.

In the Shadow of the Mountain - Hey, Hey
In the Shadow of the Mountain - Circles
Pick up In the Shadow of the Mountain and the Burnt River Bridge as a free download over here.


  1. Hey, what rooms do you spin in or what is your name? do you ever go in bloghaus or Chillwave/experimental/shoegaze? because if so ive probably talked to you.

    -Hank Chill

  2. I am usually in my room (/BFFF) or in Pizza Pizza Party (/pizzapizzaparty). I go by Bill Nyequil right now, was using Pariah Carey before.