Mixtape: Wild Hare

Know who made this mixtape? Liz Toler. Know who made that cover art up there for it? She did that too. She's my fiance and she's joining Jheri and I and Brian and Audrey while we do this blog thing and just me and Jheri while we do that label thing over there. In strictest adherence to the protocols of these institutions (henceforth to be known as "this blog thing" and "this label thing" respectively), she has prepared an introduction for herself in the form of a mixtape, which I'm prefacing now in the form of an introduction. Hey there, Liz!

MP3 ::
Karma Vision - Rabbit Hole Surf
Yung Life - I See You
Download the whole thing here and check out a tracklist (perhaps for this very thing) after the jump.

1. Die Jungen - The Sun Is Coming Up
2. Karma Vision - Rabbit Hole Surf
3. The New Lines - Off Axis
4. Fungi Girls - Velvet Days
5. Feeling of Love - Young Jesus
6. White Fence - Get That Heart
7. Halasan Bazar - You Will Know
8. Yung Life - I See You
9. Mount Pleasant - Florida
10. Yalls - Ivy League
11. Majical Cloudz - Dream World
12. Wise Blood - Penthouse Suites
13. Moss of Aura - Titan
14. Lightening - Acting

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