SPORTS - Vitamin C (The Cyclist Cover/Rework)

All through the summer we've been commissioning a handful of our favorite artists and friends to help us follow-up The Cyclist's stunning debut LP, Bending Brass, with Crash Symbols' first remix album; a bridge to bring our Derry-based friend into a larger community and an opportunity to have his darkly buoyant techno taken down a few different avenues. The first new treatment that we're rolling out comes from SPORTS, and they've given us the even rarer chance to hear that "darkly buoyant techno" covered as a synth-pop anthem. Look for the rest of the new remix album (Rending Brass?) in November.

MP3 ::
Appropriately, both bands' albums on Crash Symbols are now in insanely short supply - consider offering a home to the last copies of SPORTS' s/t debut and the absolute final copy of Bending Brass, here and here, respectively.

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