Under The Mountain

Few labels have ever so ably sustained as varied an output and so clear a focus as Moodgadget, the record pressing organ of ISO50 contributor Jakub Alexander (check out ISO50 for a great example of a blog doing a variety of things perfectly). On August 30th, he and ISO50 will be co-hosting Under The Mountain: a Moodgadget showcase at The Glasslands in Brooklyn, which I anticipate not attending (bummer). However, if you want to join us in some vicarious jamming they've also got an awesome Moodgadget sampler in circulation, with eight incredible new tracks showcasing the label's lineup.

MP3 ::
Download the entire hombre here. We'll also be missing out on the free t-shirt they're giving to the first 100 attendants, sporting the above cover artwork. If you go, get one (a medium), and don't want it - we'll make giving it to me worth your while.

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