Your Dad Hate Me (prod. by Daedelus)

This spring I got to post the first cut from Not the 1s newly released debut, Why You Cryin', over at Altered Zones and since then we've been too swamped to comment on the thing's actual appearance, officially dropping a couple days ago. Now that we live around the same "shallow, productive estuary" as the band, it seemed appropriate to mention again. Eight different producers, like Monster Rally and, in this instance, Daedalus, give the album a genuinely varied feel, though it's unity comes from their consistency and the band's clever songwriting.

Order the vinyl from the automated pressing people at Gold Robot and play the pay-off while you contemplate your relationship with your (in my case, soon to be) father-in-law (whom I love).

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  1. loving this! funny too. "by the way pops you're not the only one she calls daddy." haha.