Nightmare from the 90's

Michael Myerz recently hit me up about his debut album on Holy Page Records, Nightmare from the 90's. This actually wasn't the first time I've heard Myerz, having already been turned on to the album's standout track Space Ape a couple of months ago. Heavy synths and a slow paced clap/bass combo ride smoothly as Carl Miller starts things off, leaving Myerz primed to go. There's also the track immediately following on the record, "Golden Eye". Named for one of the best N64 games ever and also featuring Harriet the Spy in the chorus, it's obvious that Myerz is a child of the 90s as much as he is a nightmare. This probably only matters because I'm from the same generation, but that's good enough for me.

Michael Myerz - Space Ape (ft Carl Miller)
Michael Myerz - Golden Eye
You can grab Nightmare from the 90's entirely free via the awesome folks at Holy Page Records.
In related news, Myerz just dropped this new one on us earlier this morning, featuring Myerz' homie Civil making his debut on the track. Myerz also tells me that he, Civil and Carl Miller are working on an EP together as Bullet Proof Tigers, so stay up on that.

MP3: Michael Myerz - Pianos in Autumn (ft Civil)

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  1. Michael Myerz & CiViL = Straight DOPE!!