PBUH025: Pressed And - Imbue Up

Pressed And is the intriguingly named collaboration of Andrew Hamlet and Mat Jones (with a surname like Hamlet, you have to imagine names are being taken at least a bit more seriously than usual), one of the hydra heads of a burgeoning southeastern electronic scene, that we've often seen in association with North Carolina's Denmark Records. Their debut LP, Imbue Up, is a testament to that emergent milieu; some are calling it post-chillwave, but the reality is a more complex interplay of primal effects and synth landscapes, rife with tension in a cascading sequence of loops and glowing drones. This is an album of sensation, that lingers and mingles in ways you rarely expect and despite its coherence never quite master.

Preorder the limited edition cassette here - although we're only streaming "Raid" for now, every preorder will get an immediate download of the entire album.

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