The Story Of Marsha Lotus

The folks at Stroll On Records have announced their second physical release. Hal Williams, bka Pyramid Vritra, is one half of The Jet Age Of Tomorrow, known for their two brilliant album releases as part of OFWGKTA. He's also part of NRK, another group known all around for their extraordinary production work. With all of that in mind, it comes as no surprise that The Story Of Marsha Lotus is one of the best produced records I've heard this year. Things don't end at the production, however, as Pyramid Vritra sings and raps through the entire release. Stroll On has hooked us up with a stream of the title track, a nearly fifteen-minute whirlwind of astral beats guiding Williams through verse after verse explaining his love for Marsha Lotus and their subsequent falling out.

Stream: Pyramid Vritra - The Story Of Marsha Lotus

The Story Of Marsha Lotus drops November 21, is limited to 500 numbered copies, and is available now to pre-order via Stroll On Records.

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