Wildwood Girl

Since they're from Canberra, assumedly Assassins 88 are talking about Wildwood, Australia and not New Jersey in their track called "Wildwood Girl." Either way, this is some seriously good garage-noise-pop. "Wildwood Girl" is one of four diverse tracks on their latest EP, Beach People. The album starts out with a super noisy jam ("Beach People") and moves on to "Raising Phoenix", a slightly gentler track with a flavor very reminiscent of Turbo Fruits. "Summer Vacation" brings us back to full-speed garage awesomeness before we end on "Wildwood Girl", complete with fuzzed-out vocals, heartfelt lyrics and growing, 60s-inspired guitar melodies.

You can download Beach People for free at their bandcamp. You can also purchase their most recent 7" split with TV Colours over at Dream Damage, and the earlier split they did with them at Eighteen Records.

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