East Bay Music

Before moving to Oakland and the East Bay, I could never have imagined quite how the area defined itself within and without the shadow of San Francisco, which seems sometimes less the partner or patron I might have imagined. Although a mixtape of East Bay music wouldn't have actually filled in all of the particulars necessary for understanding that relationship, it would have helped with the legwork. Adam Myatt of Oakland band James & Evander made this one for The Bay Bridged and though it's not exhaustive, it's a great introduction to exactly what you'd think.

1. shortcircles - Everythingyoulove(disappearsovernight)
2. Benefitz - Nite Ripper
3. Aaron Ferguson - Farming in My Nike Dunks
4. Parentz - Back It Up
5. Yalls - Germs
6. James & Evander - Constellating (Ander Remix)
7. Forest Floor - Middle
8. Kapowski - Look Alive
9. B. Hamilton - Outside a Hexagram
10. Man/Miracle - Up
11. Silian Rail - Halcyon Days
12. Tall Grass - Goat Masks

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Download the entire mix here.

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