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Abstrakt Muzak's stunning White Ninja LP, Sounds Like Cocoon Fever, is one of a handful of really special things that I delayed posting about while I got my nuptials checked out, because it's an opus that merits more than a cursory cogitation. More than anything, I'd like to think that the name is some reference to an imaginary craze for Ron Howard's 1985 sci-fi geezer-fest Cocoon, but perhaps that's too much to hope for. Like all meritorious things, Sounds Like Cocoon Fever is constantly in the throws of a bright, bouncy beat, and ultimately the entire album sounds like a focused attempt to construct different songs along that one constant - synths and stuttering tones of electronic gibberish cavort around it, giving way and changing most compellingly around the intonations of White Ninja himself.

Grab the limited edition cassette from big ol' Texas label called Abstrakt Muzak.

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