Having come to dance music primarily through its later-stage, prismatic eruption into pop, for me the retrospective "Greatest Bits" compilation from Manchester's 808 State is a fun selection with which to explore some elements of their early relationship, as it showcases both the bands chilled-out funk and more caustic, industrial bangers (try finding one of those on amazon.com). As familiar as that sort of thing might seem, I think the album's grab bag of remixes interspersed across the tracklist are what occasionally detract from its novelty, teasing certain tracks into the well-trodden ethos of Aphex Twin or Brian Eno, for instance. Ultimately, its the bands own new edits that stand out - in defiance of the common wisdom on what a retrospective tends to be it's actually pretty hard to spot the original tracks, which number only a handful on the 17-track album.

Grab Blueprint here or from amazon.com.

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