Girls Don't Like Me

Sean Posila of High Pop has a brand-new solo project that he's calling boy crush. We included one of his new songs on the Crash Symbols Halloween compilation, and he released the rest of his new tunes today. The seven tracks that make up his album, Hauntr, are each a small, delicate, lush bouquet of fuzz-pop; most of the tracks are only around two minutes long, so they all bear much repeating to fully savor their lo-fi goodness. "Girls Don't Like Me" gets a little funky in its opening step, while "Darling Duh" is a short excursion into velvety garage-rock simplicity. Sean recorded these tracks in a haunted house, so be on the lookout for ghosts while you're jamming to these misty tunes.

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Grab the whole album for freeeee over heeeeeere.

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