Goodbye Horses

There will never be enough covers of Q Lazzarus's "Goodbye Horses", so lets all hold hands and thank god for this great take on it by Syracuse-based (and now defunct) band Sarongs. Even more eerie than the original, their cover is discordant and menacing, with a very creepy basement atmosphere that slowly builds over six minutes. It's like a Halloween treat at the end of their self-titled (and only) album, which you can get on cassette from Prison Art, a new tape label that co-released it with Veloxi. The other tracks on the album are equally full of impressive, dark, surfer-fuzz-rock with moody time changes and occasional punches in the face. Is it possible for a band to sound like a fucked-up blend of the Pixies and The B-52s? If it is, then that's Sarongs. I suggest checking out "North Face", along with the Q Lazzarus cover.

MP3 ::
You can snatch one of fifty available tapes, or pay what you will for a download of the album over here, but watch out for vomit or fist-fights.

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